Battle of the Scheduling Giants: Book Like a Boss vs. Calendly

Battle of the Scheduling Giants: Book Like a Boss vs. Calendly

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, or service provider, having a reliable scheduling tool is essential. Both Calendly and Book Like A Boss (BLAB) are at the top of their game, but which one reigns supreme for your particular needs? Let’s break it down:

Core Similarities

Both BLAB and Calendly excel at the basics:

  • Easy Online Booking: Clients can self-schedule appointments according to your availability.
  • Calendar Integrations:  Syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, etc., to prevent double-bookings.
  • Appointment Reminders: Automatic reminders reduce client no-shows.
  • Customization: Control your availability, appointment types, and booking page style.

Book Like a Boss: Where It Excels

Calendly: Simplicity and User Base

  • Unbeatable Simplicity: For super basic scheduling needs, Calendly is quick to set up and user-friendly.
  • Larger User Base: Its popularity fosters familiarity for some clients.
  • Team Scheduling: Offers robust features for round-robin scheduling and group events across larger teams.
  • Integrations Galore: Connects with tons of tools like Zoom, Stripe, and more.

Features at a Glance

Who They’re Ideal For

  • Book Like a Boss: Solopreneurs, coaches, small service-based businesses wanting to streamline appointment bookings and increase online sales. Emphasis on creating a strong brand experience.
  • Calendly: Individuals and large teams who prioritize simple scheduling. Great for internal meetings or collaborating with others frequently using Calendly.

Deeper Dive

Absolutely! Let’s take that deeper dive into Book Like A Boss (BLAB) and Calendly’s offerings for more nuanced decision-making:

Booking Page Showdown

  • BLAB: You’re essentially creating mini-websites. Add branding elements, images, testimonials, FAQs, an “About Me” section, portfolios, and more. Perfect for converting those on the fence about booking.
  • Calendly: Clean and uncluttered, but your customization is limited to colors and a logo. Ideal for pure functionality without extensive branding requirements.

Payment Handling

  • BLAB: Seamless payment integration with Stripe and PayPal. Offer package deals, subscriptions, or charge per session. This transforms the booking page into a point of sale.
  • Calendly: Requires external workarounds. Options include sending separate invoices through other software or setting up “paid consultations” that link to pre-designed payment pages.

Client Relations

  • BLAB: Includes basic CRM-like features. Store client contact information, booking history, add client notes, and create client profiles. Useful for nurturing the client relationship beyond just the initial appointment.
  • Calendly: Offers minimal client management. Relies on integrations with your external CRM tools to add details about clients.

Notifications & Follow-ups

  • BLAB: Highly customizable email and SMS notifications for both you and your clients at different stages in the booking process. Even allows two-way texting for direct conversations.
  • Calendly: Offers decent customization options for reminders and confirmations, but you’ll need an upgraded plan to enable SMS notifications.

Additional Features

  • BLAB:
    • Gift Certificates: Easy creation and management.
    • “Bump List” for cancellations: Fill last-minute openings quickly.
    • Embeddable Calendars: Add booking tools to other parts of your website and content.
  • Calendly:
    • Workflows: Design sequences (ex: confirmation followed by a questionnaire)
    • Reporting: More detailed analytics on usage and invitee metrics.
    • Team Functionality: Robust options for shared availability & large group scheduling.

The Niche Factor

  • BLAB leans heavily into supporting service-based businesses focusing on individual or smaller group coaching sessions. It excels if you sell products alongside your scheduling needs.
  • Calendly has broad appeal. From HR departments needing interview scheduling to individuals sharing their availability without complex needs. Its strengths lie in its team-focused solutions.

Choosing Wisely

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is creating a branded, “mini-website” style booking page important to my client conversion?
  2. Do I intend to take payments and/or sell products directly during the booking process?
  3. Do I value building deeper client relationships with integrated notes and client profiles?
  4. Do I need team calendar management, complex meeting coordination, or event scheduling?

More “Yes” answers to questions 1-3 point toward Book Like a Boss. A focus on question 4 suggests Calendly might be a better fit.

Don’t Forget Free Trials!

The best way to make the final decision is to test-drive both. Experiment with the features, set up sample appointments, and evaluate the flow from a client’s perspective.


Both offer free plans with limitations. Here’s how paid plans compare:

  • BLAB: Starts at $9/month, focusing on single-user features and sales capabilities.
  • Calendly: Starts at $8/month for single users, scales up for teams or advanced functionality.

The Verdict

If you want a booking system that doubles as a sales and client management tool, Book Like A Boss delivers. If scheduling without add-ons is your main goal, Calendly gets the job done. Ultimately, the best choice hinges on your business’s specific requirements.

Though I do say that the features of the BLAB (Book Like A Boss) software in my personal opinion goes way above and beyond the basic Calendly software

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Battle of the Scheduling Giants: Book Like a Boss vs. Calendly

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