Are You Ready To Fire Your Writer?

Are you considering firing your writer? If so, make sure you’re prepared before taking any action.

Firing a writer is no easy task. It means having uncomfortable conversations, handling potential HR issues, and possibly dealing with backlash. Before making the decision to let go of a writer, here are some things to consider:

1. Evaluate their current performance.

It’s important to take a step back and objectively assess a writer’s performance in terms of meeting deadlines, producing quality content, collaborating with your team, and delivering on ideas.

2. Identify areas for improvement.

Are there specific areas that a writer needs to improve upon in order to better meet your expectations? Take the time to think about how you can help them succeed, even if you know they need to go.

3. Clarify expectations.

If there’s still room to improve, clearly explain what you are expecting and what the next steps are. This could include providing additional resources, setting regular check-ins, or getting more involved in the editing process.

4. Talk to a trusted advisor.

If you’re still unsure about firing your writer, discuss the situation in detail with someone you trust and respect. This could be a colleague, business coach, or another consultant who has experience with difficult conversations.

5. Make a plan for the next steps.

Once you’ve decided to let the writer go, create a clear plan for the next steps. This could include a timeline for transitioning the work and setting up a plan for finding a replacement.

Firing a writer isn’t easy, and it’s critical to make sure you’re prepared before taking any action. Choosing the right time and setting clear expectations can help the transition go smoothly and ensure everyone is on the same page.

The content above was written by Emerson

If doing the steps above seems quite painstaking let me help by saving you the bother of hiring or firing writers

For years I have had multiple blogs and often struggled with content creation by hiring writers and outsourcing writing on Fiverr and other websites.  In fact, at one stage I had over 600 of my own blogs.

When you get over 400 domains on Godaddy they make you a VIP member and give you your own personalised account manager.

I no longer use Godaddy much as they started charging extra taxes did away with most of their discount coupons or made them unusable.

The price of a Godaddy Domain now costs me over £20 I think I have 5 domains left with them and although it used to be $8.19 per domain when you paid a $120 one-off fee per year to join the domain discount club.

They have now added VAT to the domain discount club as well so it is nearer to $150 than the $120 it used to be plus even with the discounts the domains are still very expensive.  I buy most of my domains now from Wealthy Affiliate for $14.99 Per year so this is a saving of $6 or $7 dollars per domain. 

7 Dollars time 600 domains =  Saving a Total of $4200 a year in Annual domain name renewal fees. 

Okay so let’s get back to the subject of Firing Your Writer

For many years I would often work 14 – 16 hour days online creating content on my blogs doing affiliate marketing and selling products and services on the Internet and Social Media.

In your teen’s twenties or thirties this is very doable but approaching my 50s my body can not withstand working over 12 hours a day on the computer.

A few weeks ago I put a few AI (Artificial Intelligence Products) to the test and my productivity went through the roof.


I started being able to create unique original content for websites in about 1 minute, things like about us pages, privacy policy pages, affiliate disclaimer pages, blog posts, sales pages, capture page copy.

You can even find questions people are asking type it into the AI software it answers the question and you copy and paste it and you are done. 

I have been getting loads of new followers and eyes on my content by posting content within social communities. 


The truth is for some people including myself when I first saw this AI software I thought How good could it really be?

I thought okay I will sign up for the 2 weeks free trial and get a load of Free content for my websites and can cancel within the two weeks and pay nothing.


It’s a win-win situation but then when I saw what it did to my productivity and got my first $100 per month residual commission from it.  

Keeping the software was a complete no-brainer I can get more work done now in 2 hours than I could get done in three day’s practically killing myself with content creation and other work.

I used to have to deal with

  1. Hopeless article writers – Most people two-year-old kids had better grammar than these Guys/Gals
  2. Great article writers who charged an arm and a leg (You nearly needed to remortgage your house to pay them) until some top Guru asked them to write a book and they disappeared.
  3. Article writers who wrote good content that where reasonably priced but had so much work you might have waited one month to get an article from them.
  4. I had one Fiverr article writer who changed the date of sending me my article 22 times in the end I gave up and didn’t get the article. I had to write it myself.
  5. Article writers from the Philippines who might disappear along with the work you paid them for sometimes for days every time there was a tropical storm or a power cut.
  6. I had A Philippino employee who went behind my back on a 2k per month client and offered their services directly and stole my income.

With Emerson, you can cut out all this BS get super productive, and find out the many ways you can use it to make money quickly online. 

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