Ok Here Are 21 Clues To Spotting A Social Media MLM Dinosaur

1.They Add You On Facebook Twitter Or You Tube ETC. Or they are friends with you on Facebook and do not talk with you for years…
2.They Send You A Greeting Asking You About Yourself…
3.Within 3 Mins They Want To Set Up A Meeting With You
4. On Skype
5. Face To Face
6. Hey if they are really Hi Tech They Will Send You To A Webinar.
7. Within The First Two Exchanges Of Communication They Will Tell You About Their Company.
8. Almost As If They Own It, Which Seldom Happens 🙁
9.Their Company Will Be Unique.
10. It Will Be The Best Company.
11. Chances Are It Will Have Been Around For Gazillion Years Unless It Is The Latest Video Email Software MLM.
12. It Will Be The Fastest Growing Company In That Niche Or Area.
13. It Will Be An Asset To You..
14. If You Don’t Join You Will Continue To Be A Loser.. P.S. (Even If They Are Talking To Bill Gates)
15. They Will Tell You They Don’t Want Or Need You To Join Their Company Even If They Sound Desperate And Spend Two Hours Trying To Convince You Why You Need To Join..
16. If They Are Really Desperate They Will Arrange A Meeting For You With Their Upline…
17. Last But Not Least If You Are A Walk In The Park. You Will Leave The Meeting Having Bought A $2000 Product You Didn’t Want Or Need In The First Place.
18. You Will Be Wondering What Happened?
19. Not To Forget Waiting For 2 Months For Those 10,000 Cheques To Roll In Then When They Don’t You Remember Didn’t Want To Join In The First Place.
20. You Check Out The Contract And Realise There Was Only 28 Days To Get Your Money Back Minus Some Other Charges But You Are Past The 28 Days…
21. A. You Learn From This And Don’t Do It Again. B You Wait Until Another MLM Dinosaur Comes Online Disguised As A Lamb And Do It All Over Again..






P.S. If After Reading This If You Feel You May Be An Social Media MLM Dinosaur. Read The Clues Above And See If Any Of Them Help You Improve Your Social Marketing Skills.

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos


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21 Clues To Spotting A Social Media MLM Dinosaur

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