Interview With P.J Cronin – Asking Entrepreneurs For Advice

Interview With P.J Cronin – Asking Irish Entrepreneurs For Advice

During this interview I talked about tips to be successful online, unfortunately, the video has been removed but I think it is still an excellent opportunity to talk about the content of the video. 

In the video, I discussed what you need to do to be successful online, one of the fastest ways is to find a mentor who has already done what you want to achieve in your online business.

In the video, I talked about the mistakes many people make when choosing a mentor for an online business. 

  1. Just because someone claims to be a coach or mentor does not mean they are qualified to mentor you. One of the things that make’s me cringe online is the number of people who are often newbies themselves and have no real results that are trying to mentor other people on how to create a successful business online. The truth is if you haven’t had success at making money online, or created results in certain niches then trying to mentor others to do it is deceitful and will not help them achieve success unless it happens by complete accident.
  2. Don’t expect everything to be perfect, when I met the young man who was doing this interview he was talking about how he wanted to start a successful YouTube channel and interview entrepreneurs. but then for some reason, he just deleted the video or maybe videos. Being too fussy, self-doubting yourself, or not doing something because of criticism from others is the sure way to fail online. You need to take action just do it have self-belief and do not take your content down unless it is 1000% necessary.
  3. Persistence is key, listen you can drop the ball, you can be lazy for a few weeks a few months, hey in some circumstances a few years but do not quit, get back to what you were doing and get started, get stuff finished, published and market it like crazy. Put 60% of your effort into marketing your content and 40% of your effort into creating the content. You can have the best content or products in the world but if no one sees them or no one can find them you aren’t going to make a penny. 

I also would like to discuss some tips to help you become successful at marketing your business online.


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