Get Out Of Victim Mode And Start Doing Some Shit

Get Out Of Victim Mode And Start Doing Some Shit

It happens to all of us. Yes, shit happens bad things financial disasters problems in life with cars, family and relationships financial setbacks.

A lot of the time the most important thing is what you do with it, being a permanent victim is normally optional so you don’t always have to take part.

For some people sometimes a moan can help or even a feeling of being disgusted. Tired of stuff.

  1. Tired of your relationship
  2. Tired of your job.
  3. Tired of being broke.
  4. Tired of always being the victim. 
  5. Tired of negative people trying to drag you down to their level?

I remember one very successful online marketer saying that you can and will have problems, setbacks challenges, and bad days, but when you become a permanent victim who stops seeking out solutions to your problems and taking some action you become a crap magnet.

Everything shitty that can happen will happen so it’s up to you to do something to stop that.

It’s no one else’s problem or no one else’s fault the past is over and what is important is the actions YOU take starting today.

If you are having financial or money problems you need to find ways to make or keep more of your money.

If you are having relationship problems you may need to start looking for solutions for how to make your relationships better or start looking for new ones.


So stop whining about your past or your financial, mental, or health problems.

Start looking for a way to make more money, or blow less money on BS and start actually investing in things that bring you passive income.

Start looking for things to do to feel better, and happier what can you do to improve your day?

Start looking for things you can do to feel healthier, add some new healthy foods or drinks to your daily routine, and find some kind of exercise that you can take part in to feel better without damaging yourself.

Start looking for things to do to make your relationships better with your partners, wives, husbands, your family your business clients, and friends and family members. 

I have met and communicated with many people in victim mode and it is completely draining, you will not attract success money, or happiness when in this mode or mindset. 

The best way to get out of it is to take some positive steps to improve your life and although listening to people with successful mindsets is great advice, listening without taking any action to make some changes is delusional. 

If you want more money you need to take part in the process

List some stuff to sell on eBay, create a website/ sales funnel online business go sell your unwanted junk in a car boot sale, and invest the money in an online business or some Cryptocurrency or monthly paying dividend shares or property REITS.


Write a list of things you want to do or achieve in your life, finances, relationships, business, health, leisure, etc

And as you achieve them tick them off you will be surprised by the results you get when you set your mind to achieving some positive things in your life.


So get started start doing some shit today and watch as you miraculously start to feel better and your life starts to improve. 


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