How to use free classified ads to sell your car in Belfast

Using a free classified ad to sell your car in Belfast is a very cost effective way of presenting your car to a much bigger audience. This means more potential buyers for your car without paying a penny to advertise it.

Here are five simple key ways to get the most from your car using a free classified ad-

  1. Look for a classified ad section in your local paper in Belfast. This is where you will place your ad to sell your car. There will be a telephone number to call and give details of your car. It is important to give as much information as you can to the person taking your call, including your name and contact number as this is how your potential buyers will reach you. It will also help to portray you as legitimate and genuine to people browsing through your ad.
  2. The one question you want to ask on the telephone is – “Is it free?”  Usually the newspaper will tell you instantly if placing a classified ad for your car is free or not, so this is just a precautionary method to make sure there are no hidden charges. Logically, why should you pay for a classified ad if you can get the same exposure for free?
  3. If your newspaper of choice reaches a Belfast audience then you will gain more interest for your vehicle. Buyers like convenience and they value their time so they will not wish to buy a car that is of any great distance away. Of course, if you wish to place your free classified ad in any of the other Northern Irish newspapers also, it is still relevant as it will broaden the opportunity for reaching potential buyers.
  4. If you have very little time to browse for the ideal newspaper that will reach the most relevant readers then I suggest that you go online. The internet reaches an unlimited amount of people in Northern Ireland that may be looking for what you are selling. It also offers potential buyers an easier way to look for what they want specifically by typing in a keyword. More than that, it happens to the quickest way to place a classified ad at your own leisure and from the comfort of home. Look for a free local site that specialises buying and selling items in your area. In this case, you would type in the keywords ‘Free’ and ‘Belfast’ into your search engine to keep your search relevant and to essentially just save time.
  5. Add a picture. The online classified ad sites will often give you the option to add an image of your car. Doing so, will ensure that the customer knows exactly what you are selling and will visually entice people to contact you.  It helps if the picture you submit of the car is taken at a flattering angle and that your car is clean and presentable. The higher the resolution of camera that you use, the more effective the picture will be and the more it will stand out. More importantly, there is no ambiguity for the customer as to what they might be buying and this will help to put them at ease, it will also reduce the possibility of people wasting your time because they believe that the picture was misleading.

By Cherie Magee

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