Why Twitter Is Trashing Your Content Without Permission!

Right now Twitter is more like a prison than a Social Network. You have to watch what you tweet, You dare not follow more than a few people every day or unfollow people that don’t follow you back as it is against their new rules.

In fact, you cannot tweet different websites across accounts or retweet accounts without fear of getting your account suspended. It seems ridiculous you spend years building a reputation I had over 59,000 Followers and content in fact thousands of tweets posted on Twitter and they just come along and delete everything. Including my wife’s account with 33,000 Followers.

I loved and recommended Twitter to everyone at the start and loved it but now the name Twitter takes on a whole new meaning for me. Twitter stands for a pack of Twits and control freaks who couldn’t organise a proper social media gathering if their lives depended on it. Anyone who joins and thinks they can have a proper social media experience is either living in the past or a complete twitt… As they will eventually lose their accounts even if they tweet once in the wrong direction. What I have learned from this is never rely on a pack of twitts for your business or social network probably the best bet is to set up your own social network. And Don’t Get a pack of Twits to run it for you in case it becomes another disaster like Twitter.

The funny part is they claim to have all these millions of users but if you look at it realistically lots of people have 100 or 200 accounts on Twitter for marketing purposes so if you believe their figures then you would need to be pretty gullible.

I have been using Google Plus recently I much prefer it compared to Twitter and won’t be wasting much time with my Twit Friends at Twitter Headquarters they are pathetic. From a marketer’s perspective, if you are one of those people who rely on Twitter, YouTube, Adwords, Facebook, And Google plus for all your marketing campaigns make sure you don’t put your eggs in one or even two baskets.. Build up a list of your own using a reliable autoresponder. And some of your own websites to drive some traffic to you instead of relying solely on social media sites. Paid advertising can also be a good option though Google Adwords is another minefield. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Why Twitter Is Trashing Your Content Without Permission!

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