Online Classified ads – why you must write a catchy headline

You will know by now that placing classified ads are one of the keys methods that clever business minds alike use to advertise their product/service. The reason for this is that most classified ad sites will allow you to place your ad for free, plus it saves time and reaches an unlimited number of potential clients.

Unfortunately since business owners are now aware of the benefits of advertising in this way, I am certain that other products similar to yours will be featured in the same section of the classified ad site. This is not time to panic as competition is healthy and can be less of a threat if you have a catchy and interesting headline. This will draw the customer to your ad and will also stand out from the other ads on the same page.

The headline of the classified ad must call the browser to action, it must be powerful and appeal to their senses. Using alliterations (having two words of the headline begin with the same letter) are an excellent way to attract a wandering eye. For example, if you are selling something that enhances female beauty, you might use the words –“drop dead gorgeous.” Note how the headline is enhanced by the two words beginning with the same letter.

You want the words of the headline to roll of the readers tongue, have a clear meaning and follow the rules of K.I.S.S (Keeping it short and simple). It is almost like you are summarising the benefits for the customer using only a few words. Finally, exaggerate the language not the product, this will ensure that your headline is congruent with what you are actually selling and will avoid irritating the customer by over – selling your product.

By Cherie Magee

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