Google Mass Control Don’t Complain About Your You Tube Videos Getting Deleted…
The other day I did I made that huge mistake. YT deleted a video I made about Twitter which had over 7000 views lots of good comments then finally one Idiot made a stupid comment You Tube flagged and deleted as usual without giving a reason Hmm sound like De Ja Vue to anyone.. As the comment made was completely daft It was made by one of those bored teenagers with nothing to do but Stirr **** . I got a little perturbed so after a week I sent a email for them to review it got a message back two hours later it did not qualify for reinstatement as it broke their mystical T.O.S. hmm wonder what that is short for. All seemed fine until two days later I logged into my You Tube Account and it was gone over 200 videos including ones about my dad who died last year and videos of my 103 year old granny who died in January last year which were Not replaceble.

Moral of the story while you are using all the social networks search engines you are just a pawn, Make sure your eggs are well spread out last year I got my adwords accounts closed again no reason just a cheeky email from a disgruntled employee in adwords. Saying read our T.O.S. Terms Of Service What Service???? We don’t have to give you any reason to shut your account down,as far as Google is concerned there are no human rights. You can just trample over customers plenty more where they came from. 🙂
Unfortunately your videos on all your sites dissapear too if they where from your deleted account there are ways around this thankfully I still have some videos left on my blogs thanks to using my own hosting account but some where you tube. So I will need to redo those ones If you want to find out how twitter me @sotiris1
Watch this space as as after this post I am sure I will be getting used for target practise again. Though I am preparing myself as we speak by using different content networks. And finding even more baskets for my content :-)….

And remember It could be You always think ahead don’t end up losing your whole internet business by relying on one or two traffic sources.

Want to avoid losing all your videos like I did then all you need is this

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