To Sidebar Or Not To Sidebar That Is The Question?

To Sidebar Or Not To Sidebar That Is The Question?


Should I Have A Sidebar On My WordPress Blog Or Website?


I recently got a message from one of my clients who wanted to transfer her new WordPress Website over to her Wealthy Affiliate Hosting.

The guys who made her website were absolutely unhelpful and would not upload the website anywhere they just sent a load of files.

Anyway thanks to WA’s magnificent customer service they uploaded the files onto a subdomain and then we used the one-click move website onto a domain feature to move the website onto her new domain.

I noticed after uploading the website that the content was the full width of the website with absolutely no sidebar. 

On a blog or website, I like to be able to do some advertising or stick some offers or opt-in forms somewhere on the page.

A sidebar makes this easy to do and offers you lots of room to place banner adverts or links to things you want your readers to find on or off your website.

So should I have a sidebar on my blog or website or not?  Of course, this is entirely your choice but below I will put some of the pros and cons of having a sidebar VS not having one.


When to have a sidebar

You want to be able to advertise your other products and services in the sidebar

You want to be able to advertise affiliate products and services and get paid a commission

You want to be able to get paid by people to install their paid ads on your website or blog

You want a space for an opt-in form to get new subscribers for your blog or website

You want to give multiple members of your blog website exposure to their profile and offers via a sidebar banner

You want to put a Facebook widget in the sidebar to increase your Facebook page likes

You want to put a Twitter widget in your blog sidebar to increase your Twitter followers

You want space for other paid ad services like Google Adsense and get paid per click that blog visitors make on your ads

You want space to put a booking widget so people can book a consultation or meeting with you.

You want a separate space to post any other awards or things that you want readers to know about


When not to have a sidebar

When you want people to go directly to one thing like a buy button for example and not to get your readers distracted by anything else.

When you have nothing to advertise or do not want to make any revenue.

When you want as little stuff as possible on the page.

If you are a minimalist who likes empty space with no distractions or stuff on your blog or website

If you are making a sales page for a product or service though if you are I would suggest using a Funnelbuilder connected to an autoresponder rather than a WordPress Blog or website.


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