Why Do People Talk So Much BS On Facebook

Over the last few days I have been seeing so many stupid comments on Facebook It makes me wonder what is happening to peoples heads.  In fact it makes wonder if their heads are located in the wrong part of their body..

Firstly I have this complete prick who posts negative comments on everything and tries to deny that vaccines are not poison despite all the facts and the list of toxic ingredients, Then I have other people who claim not to judge preaching and judging 24/7..  If that isn’t bad enough I posted a comment about bumping into someone i hadn’t seen in 27 years 2 mins after talking about them.  When I mentioned the law of attraction Mr negative started preaching about someone with an amputated leg not being able to get their leg  back..  Duhh I don’t remember starting that conversation..   Lets talk about the Klu Kluxx Clan Now Shall we.. ?????

P.S. Maybe they attracted it by going to a hospital?  Or being in the wrong place at the wrong time how about that!!

Then there is the vegan police preaching on their channels I won’t get started there in case I become offensive. When it comes to describing the art of being a hippocrite it needs no introduction.  They talk about feeding their cat a vegan diet while wishing the human race would self destruct..  Yeah their families ancestors brothers sisters and possibly future children will be the ones dying  but it’s okay to be shot or poisoned as long as you aren’t a sheep.. Fuck the human race right????.  OMG where do you start..

Then I and some people posted about a prick of a dentist paying 50 k to decapitate A protected  lion as they are nearing extinction and when I see all the posts about it and what people are comparing it too I am wondering what the heck they are talking about ..  What has a lion getting it’s head cut off got to do with a massacre of humans in Africa I think it may be a different topic..  DuHHH

The best one was Internet Marketers who preach about Lions getting their heads cut off and buy domains from Go Daddy.

Yes the  Go daddy founder shoots animals that is fucked but so is every other company you still support. Me being a little weird I tend to give at least the same, in fact maybe even a little more support for my own species call it self preservation of my species, maybe that is a strange thing to have.

Fact is You probably support Bill Gates, Apple,Wallmart,Chinese Slave Labour, Indian Slave labour, phillipines Slave Labour. Governments corporations that want everything you have, they will take your underpants if you are stupid enough to let them. I can guarantee you they are a lot worse and a lot more dangerous than some egotistical murdering  pig who owns go daddy.

One of the most stressful times in my life apart from my dad dying and being let down by a close family member was trying to move 680 websites to a new hosting account and not knowing how the new server worked while it was crashing for two weeks .. Plus having 400 of the websites hacked at the same time while talking to someone in america who didn’t give a Fu**. Sometimes you need to use your brain when it comes to creating more hassle like that for yourself all over again. Apart from the fact I have no idea how all the other domain registrars work,I spent 2 hours one day on pointing nameservers for a client who bought from another company not go daddy. Yes on go daddy it takes me two mins.

So to me it’s kinda common sense why I am still with Go Daddy.

Besides if people would start putting as much focus on their business and stop whining about such matters things may be a lot better financially for them in the long run.

In fact if I was as concerned as these people are and don’t get me wrong it is great to have concern, but it’s another thing to force opinions  down someone’s throat. That is somewhat judging I can be guilty of this from time to time but I don’t pretend not to judge. I own up to it in fact 1000%

Yes If I was so concerned like them then I would probably kill myself..  Why you may ask because these people who are talking about right from wrong whether to believe in religion or which religion to believe in or not.  Make me puke!!  there I said it lol..   To all the goody two shoes people out there who want to preach about all the bad stuff going on..

Whether you buy fur coats or not (I Don’t lol)

This is what you are guilty of should I be judging you on my wall publicly?  Maybe if you annoy me enough..

You pay taxes to bankers globalists and murders

You pay charity to big evil corporations (BBC Red Nose Day)

Cancer this that and the other, and in the process feed big pharma billions to kill your Parents siblings, and children with medication and chemo while feeling really good about yourself for being charitable.

You donate to churches and chapels the richest corporations in the world while the paedophile priests molest kill and torture innocent victims even babies in some cases

The real goody two shoes people who want to stop the animal slaughter which is indeed actually an issue, maybe forget.

What about the fake global warming made up by Bill gates and his cronies?

If you are in fear of destroying the world by overpopulation do you not realise the average person in Singapore lives in a 1700 sq ft apartment.. That means the whole fucking world population could all live in Texas.   Yeah lets get rid of some people with fluoride, chemtrails, chemotherapy and vaccines so that there is enough room in this world for everyone, while the chicken littles of the world run round screaming we are running outta room.

And preaching about cruelty to cats while brothers and sisters mothers and children get massacred all around the world ..  What is your point??

Getting back to the point I don’t think this was what my lion post was about. Do you?

For all the saints who don’t eat meat or honey or eggs.

You preach about it on a Microsoft computer while funding Bill Gates  who massacres children in Africa with vaccines, and also at your own bloody doorstep. In fact you even raise money for them in supermarkets.

You give out everyone’s information including your own to the globalist murders via your IPHONE Ipad and IMAC pay taxes. Yes taxes to the globalists to buy weapons GMO’s and chemicals  to kill you and then you start moaning  about what products other people bought in the supermarket or who they are hosting or buying domains with..  WTF……..

If you are gonna preach then you need to go and live in the forest pay no taxes and practise what you preach. Ditch your internet your TV your clothes and everything else you do. or else stop insulting everyone else’s intelligence..   By talking BS  End Of RANT…..

P.S Banana girl or whatever cr** she calls herself stop saying people who aren’t Vegan deserve to die in case you die first..

Karmas a bitch and so are you.. 😉

I have nothing against anyone no matter what religion or food choice or what big corporation you purposely or accidentally fund but I don’t take listening to rubbish and hypocrital talk well..

No Hard Feelings My Friend..

Why Do People Talk So Much BS On Facebook

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