If It Looks Like A Scam Sounds Like A Scam It Probably Is A Scam

If It Looks Like A Scam Sounds Like A Scam It Probably Is A Scam

Yes, that is right if it looks like a scam and sounds like a scam it probably is a scam.
Desperation – when someone is selling you something out of desperation this is always a time to be wary of what you are buying into.
They may claim to be mega-successful but why do they sound so desperate to get your money?

You have probably heard the old saying if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Well over the last few months, I had quite a few visits from my accountant, and he wasn’t looking for info to do my books.
It was because he got dragged into an elaborate scam involving cryptocurrency.

He wanted me to see if it was real or a scam and eventually, it was obvious even though I pretty much was sure before we realised for sure what a scam it was when they sent another Crypto to a Coinbase Wallet. They were claiming it was Ethereum On Hold about 300k worth, but it was actually a coin with a similar name E.G. a coin called Ethereum on Hold. We added £10 of Ethereum to the Coinbase wallet and realised it was a completely different coin.

They where wanting us to send 10% of the money in Crypto 30k in small increments starting at 5k with the promise of releasing the 300k once they had proof we had their 10% commission in Crypto. 
They insisted on us setting up the crypto wallet while sharing the screen with them meaning they also saw the secret keys and could have easily accessed the Crypto wallet anytime. 

I had no trust whatsoever in these people but after checking out their company name which was connected to two dissolved companies it started looking more suspicious. The crazy part was them trying to make us believe they had sent £300k worth of Crypto to our Coinbase wallet, Once we discovered what was going on we immediately ceased contact with them but my accountant had paid £30K originally into some Crypto thing that the owners went bankrupt and this company claimed they where getting him £300K back which is what his Crypto would have roughly been worth. 

Unfortunately fools and even sometimes even really smart people can be easily parted from their money by making great often unrealistic promises of wealth and riches (Normally The Easy Way)

One of the things to look for is them insisting on sending your money to their Crypto wallet in a hurry this is a true sign of desperation and will more than likely end up with you losing total control of your funds. (Sometimes not a very smart move)

As an online digital marketer, I tend to have countless people hitting me up on Facebook Messenger trying to peddle me their shit, I never market like this so I never buy anything from people who use these desperate approaches even if it is Elon Musk or Bill Gates.

I got a message from a well-known successful Digital Marketers Facebook Account wanting my wallet details to send my money to them and them teach me to do day trading. When I told them the reasons I did not want to do it they got more and more desperate trying to hit me up for 3k to learn their course and make zillions. 

There were two problems with this approach firstly they didn’t have a live video call so I could make sure it was really them (It could be a hacker) Secondly even if we live in the same town when I asked him to meet up over a coffee to go over the details he dodged the subject. 
This immediately seems as dodgy as fuck to me and my spidey senses are buzzing very loudly that this is very very fishy and I will not be coerced by someone else to just hand my Crypto over to someone on Facebook Messenger no matter how smart, rich or famous that someone claims to be.

There are many more things to look out for but here are a few things I would watch out for to avoid being scammed.

1. A stranger suddenly hitting me up on social networks that I have had little or no communication with in the past. 
2. Desperation – Especially from someone claiming to be rich and successful taking up an hour of their time to try and get you to part with your money using deceptive and bullying tactics claiming you will make lots of $$$$$ when you pay me A Huge Fucking Red Flag for Me
3. People wanting to see information about your Crypto or Banking/Credit Card Information
4. Not having anything in writing to see what you are actually getting involved in. 
5. Having a dodgy company or dodgy members registered in offshore countries so you cannot get your money back once it’s gone. 
6. People who are inhumane talk to you like you are a fucking ATM desperate to get your money instead of having some real interest in you and a little care for you as a possible customer. 
7. People who try and blind you with science with stuff you can’t understand and that they do not try to help you to understand. 
8. Wanting to take over your computer using a screen control software and see all your sensitive information and not offer you to unshare your screen while putting through financial details. 

In my online business, I do take payments online from clients on my website after they have decided to purchase my products or services and as I coach I use screen share to show them how to set things up. But I tell them to unshare their screen while filling in important details like credit cards or Crypto keys as I have no intention of robbing them unlike some of the scammers online. 

Just whatever you do before putting out financial details or sending money to random strangers beware beware beware. 

If it sounds too good to be true and you sense something strange going on do not proceed, often when you refuse to proceed then their true character and desperation raises its head and you will be grateful for not taking the plunge into a financial minefield with these smooth talkers.

Remember a lot of people who are doing these schemes every day are professional financial liars who could put your hard-earned or invested savings in jeopardy.
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