Why Buy A Google Chromebook

Why Buy A Google Chromebook

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It was about a year ago I was watching a video where someone was doing a review of their Google Chromebook. Yes they had in fact two of them after listening to the video I made the decision to buy of course now after having two chrome books in our household I am qualified to give some of the reasons why they are good or not so good.


We have one of the original Google Chrome book’s and I also bought an Acer Chromebook as well, after travelling round many seminars and flying to get there. And dragging around  my two tonne Sony Vaio 23 Inch Laptop I twigged on one day when watching a video why I might want to buy a chromebook.


As with most people I didn’t go straight out and buy it I let it stew in my head for a little while looking at other alternatives before deciding that the chrome book was exactly what I needed. Firstly I am not a big tablet fan I do not have an iPAD or Tablet and have no intention of buying one in the near future.  I had an old Macbook but after all the bad experiences I had with it there was no way I was going to splash out another £1200 to have more disappointment.


The main thing I need a computer for is when travelling I need to be able to post to my blogs, keep in touch with my clients make the odd video. And have access to my social media accounts as well. When you buy a Chromebook it comes with one or maybe two years can’t remember 25 gb of storage included for free.  So anything you want to save can be saved on Google drive the great thing about Google drive is you can access your stuff from any computer no matter where you are.

There is nowhere else on a Chromebook to store files or pictures etc. So remember this when you buy one that is the main disadvantage of having a Google Chromebook. For me everything else has been a plus. 🙂

The price for what the Chromebook does is a steal at £220 my Acer Chromebook is as light as a feather it looks really good I got the white one. The battery lasts forever or at least it feels that way my computers are left on 24/7.

With my Chromebook I charge it about once every two or three days I think the battery time is something like 14 Hours it charges really fast and just keeps on going..

It’s great.

I haven’t tried to use it yet for making videos but there is a built in webcam and microphone on it as well.  I much prefer shooting videos when traveling on my iPhone or Android phone.

So what is my verdict


Using it for graphics or storing large files on your computer  – Not recommended

Blogging  –   Works Perfect

Google Hangouts – Works Perfect

Charging Capacity – This is a dream in modern technology 14 hours between charges working it full blast

Ease of use – Very simple to use

Looks – Looks great to me in fact looks similar to a white mac costing Nearly 1k more

Reliability – So Far So Good after 6 months

.Please note if you are an online Blogger/Internet Marketer I would recommend a desktop PC or iMac but for everything else this is amazing 🙂

Highly Recommended


Acer Chromebook
Acer Chromebook


Want one like this click here to see it and more

Why Buy A Google Chromebook

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