What’s New For Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon has an abundance of new rifle optics, a novel African riflescope series. There are three riflescopes making up the new Monarch African Series beginning with-a one-inch tube 1-4x20mm and two 30mm tube 1.1-4x24mm models. Every scope has Nikon’s fully multicoated optics to provide sharp and clear viewing and a power series designed to handle fast shots with hazardous game.

Should you choose to shoot a high recoil rifle, Nikon offers four full inches of eye relief and will keep all the pain on the barrel end. The lower power range holds shooters on target in rapid, “both eyes open” shots. The light, easy to handle 20mm and 24mm objectives come together with Nikon’s German #4 reticle provide durability to carry the rifle without worry. Every one of the novel African Series scopes utilize the proven German #4 reticle for fast target/reticle acquisition, and for late night predators of the toothy kind and other low-light hunting, an illuminated #4 is available as well.

Coupled with Nikon’s innovative BDC Predator Hunting Reticle the original Coyote Special riflescopes are designed around the needs of predator hunters. The only one of its kind, open circle reticle plan does not obscure the target, making shots on a moving predator simple.

All of the new Nikon Coyote Special rifle scopes also includes ARD (Anti Reflective Device) technology that eliminates game-spooking objective lens glare, and are available in a choice of camouflage finishes.

The new Coyote Special riflescopes are obtainable in two power ranges and two camo options to match any terrain or riflescope need. For hunts that take place in more open country the 4.5-14X40 gives the power range essential to make the longer shots while thick cover shooters will enjoy the wide field-of-view the 3-9X40 offers.

Nikon’s fresh SlugHunter 1.65-5×36 features an enlarged exit pupil for better low-light performance in a more compressed version. Available with the proven BDC 200 reticle purposely calibrated for ballistic tipped Sabot slugs, and a lower profile objective for low mounting, this slug gun scope is as accurate as any rifle scope Nikon has ever produced. The new SlugHunter is available in a matte finish with the BDC-200 or Nikoplex reticle and features a 75-yd parallax setting.

Nikon’s New Omega 1.65-5×36 muzzle loader scope is a lower magnification, more compacted edition of its big brother the 3-9×40. Fully packed with features, including the Nikon BDC 250 Reticle calibrated for ballistic tipped sabot muzzleloader bullets, the new Omega is every bit as exact as the original.

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