How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid the 4 Most Common Cybersecurity Mistakes

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As the owner of a small- to mid-sized business, you probably have a lot on your plate, and cybersecurity may not be on your radar. However, cybercriminals thrive on attacking small
organizations because they know that you are not putting the proper protections in place. Read on for advice from on avoiding some of the most common cybersecurity
mistakes so your business can thrive.

Mistake 1: Not Using Smart Passwords
If a hacker can figure out even one password at your company, they may be able to use it to get into all of your other systems. That is why every piece of software must be password-protected
using a code that has a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. These passwords should be changed every few months, and if an employee ever leaves the
organization, then their access should be revoked.

Companies that use a lot of documents would be wise to compile that information into password-protected PDFs. The easiest way to do that is to use a digital tool online that allows
you to complete and sign paperwork right there on the spot so you never need to download, print, and mail out documents and put yourself at risk of mail fraud. You can go back to make
changes any time, and if you use a strong password, then they will stay secure.

Mistake 2: Using Outdated Software

A big mistake you may be making is using programs and software that may still fit your needs but may also be wildly outdated. It may be time for an upgrade. TechTarget reminds you that,
not only will newer tech have the proper patches in place to prevent vulnerabilities, but modern programs are also coded to protect against the latest cyber threats. Many hackers have likely
figured out the old software, so taking the time to research the best new product and making the switch may be a lifesaver.

Mistake 3: Using Public Wi-Fi

The great thing about doing business in the 21st century is that we have the ability to work from anywhere, even in public places like coffee shops and restaurants. The problem is that you
must be extra cautious when connecting to Wi-Fi. Many hackers set up fake networks that appear real or are even advertised as free to get you to connect. However, if you do, then you
are just connecting to the hacker’s device, and from there, they can steal all the data on your device.

The other issue is that if the criminal can latch onto that one device, they can find a path to the other computers on your work network and cause major havoc for you and your employees. If
you must work from a public place, then be sure to ask a manager for the proper network before connecting.

Mistake 4: Not Backing Up Your Data

If your company stores any information at all, you must have a strategy where you backup all of your data. Not only will that allow you to have access to what you need if a computer goes
down, but Check Point notes that it also protects you in the case that you are infected with ransomware. That is when a hacker plants a virus on your computer and takes control of it until
you pay them a sum of money. That could be extra bad news if you need data to keep your company fully functional. If your data is backed up, then you can still access what you need to
keep your business running. In the meantime, you can call law enforcement.

Making Cyber Safety Your Priority

As you can see, there are many mistakes that you may be making that could be putting your company in jeopardy. Use free tools to password protect your files, avoid publicly available Wi-
Fi and update your software to reduce your risks. By changing these behaviors, you can ensure that your data and customers’ information is protected.

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