The Law Of Averages And Dealing With Dickys

The Law Of Averages And Dealing With Dickys

When running an online business like with everything else it is just a numbers game.

Every now and then you are going to come across someone who is what I would call a dicky.

These people often have little to no common sense, and have an ego that equals their lack of success in their online business.

And they often have all the answers so anything you say runs like water off a duck’s back.

The good thing about the law of averages is that for every dicky you deal with you come closer to finding your next ideal customer.

Normally dickys come around quite rarely but I have had a spate of three dickys this year. Some of my worst ever in fact bar 1 bunny boiler from a few years ago who seemed to be totally insane.

One thing I have found about these 3 Dickys have in common is they are their own worst enemy, their negative mindset crazy questions, and BS stories they are telling themselves will ensure their online business is probably never a success. Skimping on money and not paying for tools they need puts their business in the bottom 20% of businesses or even less in many cases. 

If you hire someone who has had success in something and then you do not listen to them then chances are you will not achieve the same success or results that they have, instead of trying to argue and being a smart ass wasting both your own time and your mentors as well actually listen to what they say instead of acting like you are the expert on day 1 of your Digital Marketing career.. 

The great thing about people who have all the answers is they don’t need a mentor, or at least they don’t believe that they do if you know one of those people save their mentor and them some time and money by telling them not to sign up for a mentorship. 

My rule for dealing with Dickys is if possible get the work done ASAP so you can finish your dealings with them, be very reluctant to do more work with them in the future as there is nothing worse than dealing with negative people on a daily basis.

This is your business and you should be able to choose who you want to work with and who you want to avoid. 

If they are really really bad you may want to put them on a blacklist on your shopping cart so you cannot receive any orders from them again.

Thankfully there are so many nice people out there who are delighted to have someone personally help them create and grow their online business.


These are the people I want to work with.  If you are not a dicky and are interested in starting up your own online business then Click Here To Book A Free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation

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