When You Should Pay Your Online Subscriptions

In my last article, I talked about how to reduce or avoid online subscriptions, and on some occasions that is great but in some circumstances not paying your recurring subscriptions could cost you a fortune in the long run. 

I have had many clients who get lazy or thought that by cutting corners or by canceling their subscriptions they will save a lot of money, but often this is not the case.

It really depends on the value that the subscription provides for you or your business, I had one client who I created a sales funnel for it was making 200 – 1200 Euro per day in sales using A 100Euro Facebook Ad Spend.

He thought he would save some money by not paying his autoresponder, unfortunately, his autoresponder was hooked up to his shopping cart/payment system so when he cancelled the autoresponder the client was no longer redirected to the payment page.

Therefore by trying to save $19 a month for his autoresponder it cost him 400 Euro – 2400 Euro in sales for the two days that his funnel was out of order. 

As an online digital marketer, there are some things that are a must in order to have a proper online business that works, For me, it is your own good paid hosting service, a funnel-building tool to create sales funnels, and opt-in pages an autoresponder.

A payment system/ good shopping cart that runs your ongoing and automated payments and affiliate programs, an opt-in conversion software.

There will probably be some other tools you will want or need but the ones above are the most important ones that you really need to have and cutting corners on this is really not recommended.  In fact, it will be counter-productive to your online business.

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