Do You Ever Get Bored By Pictures Of The Beach?

Do You Ever Get Bored By Pictures Of The Beach?


I would be lying if I said I didn’t have my fair share of pictures at the beach, and yes I will from time to time happily post some of my pictures at the beach.

I do have one problem though there are some people that the only thing these people do is post pictures of the beach and the sunshine like that is all they do in their life. 

Look I like a few of hours on the beach from time to time but frankly, if all you have to do is sit at the beach all day every day of your life it would get as boring as hell.

I know a few people some successful and some not who post all these fancy pictures like they are living the millionaire lifestyle,

Here is some news for them, anybody even a homeless broke negative person who is ready to be signed in to a mental institution can post pictures of the beach for little to no cost. 

When looking at these pictures and thinking about forking out 30k for some coaching services remember anyone can do these same pictures for free. 

The fact is scammers often use pictures of the beach to create an illusion of wealth and success. They want people to think of the beach as a symbol of freedom, relaxation, and luxury so they present it as a “lifestyle” that people can have if they buy into their scheme.

A beach setting is particularly attractive to those who have grown weary of their nine-to-five office job or feel like they have limited resources and potential for wealth. Scammers take advantage of these feelings in an attempt to convince people into believing that they can easily purchase a million-dollar lifestyle.

The thing is you can start a business online and make money, but unless it is someone else’s business like Amazon,eBay, or some other Social Networks which I do not trust with my business. It will cost some money to set things up.

You will need to buy a good hosting service, an autoresponder a Funnel Page building system and if you are really serious you will need a shopping cart to take payments and manage your affiliate programs.

I offer many services at a very reasonable price you can see them by hovering under services at the top of this website

Learning all this from scratch and the amount of money you could lose while making mistakes could mount up into 10s or hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Here are some of the seldomly talked about things that happen when trying to make money in an online business.

You won’t often see them on the sales pages of people trying to sell you their 30k mentoring

  • Getting your Amazon Seller Account Banned
  • Getting Your eBay Account Restricted
  • Getting Your Twitter Account Suspended
  • Getting Your 15-Year-Old Facebook account deleted
  • Getting Multiple Facebook Pages Deleted
  • Getting Multiple Facebook Groups Deleted
  • Getting Shit Cheap Hosting That Ends Up With YouLosing All Your Content Or Being Blocked By Your Hosting Platform
  • Getting Your WordPress Blogs Hacked – I had 350 hacked in one night
  • Telling You that they made 2 Million in sales on Amazon they made a screenshot from Amazon last year showing the 2 million in sales but forgot to mention that as an affiliate Amazon only payout 2% commission so they really made 20k for the year. Minus the article writing annual fees £12k to get the sales leaves them with a total of 8K profit for the year under minimum wage but they want you to pay them 30k to do their course.
  • Telling you about all the crap they listened to from their spouses while they tried to launch their business. 
  • Finding a web designer who has never made a penny from a website online to create your website so you can make money online.
  • Thinking that a fancy colourful website with all the bells and whistles will make you money online?
  • I even saw someone who sells stuff online get scammed for 2k a month to promote an event when the whole time the company who charged him 2k per month never even had one link in sight to the event that they where supposed to be promoting.

I also had one Guy who lived in London he signed up for a Done For You Business And Paid 10K he thought that was it but he had to also give the woman free rein of his bank account (Even after he paid her the £10K) to run his Facebook ads which never happened.

The same marketer who sold him the 10k done-for-you package did a rant one day about being the only speaker at an event to not make a sale. The truth was all her products converted like shit too, so this done-for-you business was a disaster from the start.

Remember not everyone is qualified to teach you how to make money online or to help you set up your online business.

Questions you need to ask yourself are

  1. Have they ever legitimately made money online before or are they full of hot air?
  2. Have they been marketing online for two months and are they teaching you to do what their mentor who has been marketing online for 2 months and made their first sale told them to do?
  3. What real services or value will I get for the 30K mentorship or is it a $40 worth of PLR Product Bonus’s mainly that they are giving you and a few webinars or recordings?
  4. Can they show you some legitimate customers or clients who have made a lot of money using their products or systems?
  5. Will they be on the end of messenger or a Zoom call away when you don’t know what you are doing and need help? And I don’t mean on a Zoom webinar with 200 other clients.

If not then you better run as fast as you can before you drown in a lake of BS

If you want some help building an online business from someone who has been doing it for over 18 years you can check out our services by hovering over services on the top menu bar and picking the one you need help with.

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And some of our commission screenshots here


Do You Ever Get Bored By Pictures Of The Beach?

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