Classified ads for affiliate marketers

When you are an affiliate marketer and your sole aim is to get people to buy your products or at least visit your site, putting your link onto a classified ad website is just another great way to achieve this.

Most classified ad sites will offer their services for free and so it won’t cost you anything to place your advertisement. This is an effective and free way to promote yourself by reaching a huge volume of potential buyers online.

Using classified ads will drive more traffic to your site and will bring you customers that have relevant needs. In other words, the browsers that are searching for similar products to yours will find you on the classified ad site and will be more likely to click on your ad. These browsers will be already looking for what you are selling and so you will have a higher click through rate.

Classified ad sites are easy to navigate and make it easy for the affiliate marketer to register and begin placing an ad instantly. Personally, as someone who has sold affiliate products in the past, I know that I value my time and would not spend it trying to find ways to advertise for free. I already know that classified ad sites work and since it is genuinely free, there seems to be no obvious downside in placing an extra ad that boosts my product sales.

As long as you ensure that your headline is catchy and fully states the benefits of the product, you will get people clicking on your ad. Plus, you can add as many products as you want in different ads so that the probability of one of the products appealing to a buyer is much higher.

Affiliate marketers know that selling is all about the amount of people you can get to view your product. The more people you can attract with your classified ad, the higher your revenue will be.

Free classified ads are just another way of getting your product out there. You want to put the link to your product on as many sites, blogs and free classified ad sites as you can so that you can get the exposure that you need. This is a wise move for those interested in making more money.

By Cherie Magee

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