Financial Education Who Are Your Top Six

If you are interested in financial education then this could be an important statement that will help you find your road to financial freedom.
Or if you are already well on the way to financial freedom this may help you move up a step further up the financial ladder.

Did you know that your income is the average of the six people you spend the most time with, so if you are not making enough money or are still scared and are clinging onto job security then this is an exercise that may bring you a financial breakthrough? Look at the six people you spend the most time with work out their average income and see how this relates to you.

If the figure you come up with is very low then you maybe need to look for some more successful people to hang around with, otherwise, you can find someone who is already successful where you want to be and ask them to mentor you. Pay them to mentor you if necessary if you are low on funds you can offer to work for them or provide them with a service in exchange for mentoring.


A mentor is very important don’t overlook this exercise. And remember this if you really want to soar with the eagles then you need to make sure you are not hanging out with the turkeys.

Choose carefully when it comes to your friends and advice they give, if they are not where you want to then find someone who is.
We all know the saying misery loves company, and laughter is contagious go for the second option every time avoid negative people and procrastinators whenever possible, following these tips will propel your income and life to new heights.

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