Why is your classified ad not attracting buyers? Top three reasons.

Most business people know that classified ads are a great way of reaching a high volume of potential clients, but actually motivating the browser to purchase your product is a little more complex. So why might your ad not be attracting actual buyers?

There are three major reasons why your classified ad might not be attracting buyers and we will explore them in detail below in order to rectify the problem.

1. Firstly, there is the issue of where to place the ad in order for it to be fully effective. If you have placed your ad in a local newspaper in order to target the people in your area, then this might be a great place to start. However, if you want your product to have a more extensive client base, you need to go online. There are many classified ad sites online that will be free for you to join and will raise awareness of your product on a more global scale. These online ads sites are essentially providing you with free advertising, access to a huge number of potential clients and ultimately more sales than a newspaper ad will deliver.

The second point to remember in attracting buyers to your classified ad is that many people might be viewing it but the content of the ad may not call those people to action. You want them to buy your product, not just pop by for a spot of window shopping. In order to attract buyers and not time wasters, it is your job to ensure that both your headline and main body of text are captivating and stand out from all of the other similar products available.  Don’t be afraid to use words that are dramatic and eye catching. In fact, often your headline can be presented as a solution to the client’s problem as this directly involves the client and empathises with their needs. For example, if you are selling a product that encourages restful sleep you might state – “Not getting enough sleep? Sleep well tonight – guaranteed!” Most of us can resonate with lack of sleep at some point, and those who are already on your classified ad page (searching for that key word) will see that you are confident your product will work for them.

The third and final problem that might be overlooked when writing a classified ad is having appropriate and clear contact details. This may seem very trivial but many business people do not add their website addresses or more than one mobile number to reach them on. Having a website is a great way to show browsers that you are an established brand and that your product is legitimate. Plus, ensuring that all your details are correct and providing the client with various ways to contact you, will mean that the success of your ad will not be compromised by simple mistakes.

By Cherie Magee

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