Is Your Website Down? – How Not To Lose Money In Your Online Business

Is Your Website Down? – How Not To Lose Money In Your Online Business

Going back a number of years at one point I had hundreds of WordPress blogs/websites in fact once I reached 400 domains GoDaddy made me a VIP and give me my own private domain manager. I think at one point I owned 692 Domain names but since then I rarely use GoDaddy as I believe their domain prices become extortionate and all the benefits I found when using them are now gone.

I now mainly use the company that I use for my hosting to buy my domains with the exception of domains and.WS domains that are not available with them. 


For many years I lost a lot of money and had many sleepless nights because of bad hosting providers, between having my websites hacked, then getting booted off servers that offered unlimited hosting, and who then booted me off their hosting account for having too much content or websites it was a fucking nightmare.

Spending a couple of hours at a time on live chat with website support and being sent to the wrong people and spending 30 minutes between each support chat waiting for the next level of support was completely ridiculous and a huge waste of my time and money.


Here are some of the challenges I had with my websites and hosting accounts

Expensive Dedicated Server Issues ($500 Per Month Hosting) Hostgator

250 websites were hacked in one night was up all night trying to stop hackers from damaging my sites. 

Needing a dedicated server reboot I had to go through live chat waiting for three different levels of admins each time I could be queued for 20 or 30 minutes which means maybe an hour and a half or two hours to get a simpler server reboot. Every time I told them which level of admin I needed which was level 3 they sent me to the next one up anyway. And went through a lot of nonsense in the process asking the same questions etc even though they had no power to do anything. 

You would think when the price of your hosting goes up 25 times so would the service but with the dedicated server because it was my server nobody noticed or gave a damn when my sites went down.  I had to monitor them myself 24/7 or else my websites could have been down for hours even days. On a cheaper $20 per month shared hosting if other people’s sites went down they would complain and the hosting company would fix the server issue on all of the sites. 

You need to know exactly what is wrong with your sites and tell the hosting admins what to do very specifically otherwise you may get bad advice and be told to add caching tools and plugins which could mess up your sites even more.

I finally left Hostgator when I got sick of being hacked multiple times and then they decided to add VAT onto the $500 Per month server Fee that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I ended up moving all my websites to smaller shared hosting accounts on Hostmonster


Shared Website Hosting Providers

Bluehost – They offered unlimited hosting supposedly for $7.99 per month but once again sites were always getting hacked and once I added 30 websites they started sending me threatening emails telling me to delete content or websites or get booted off their server, this caused me loads of distress worry and hassle trying to move websites onto another hosting provider Hostgator at the time when moving the websites over I lost all of my videos from the websites and a lot of images as well, which made my sites look like crap. And had to be redone all over again after years of work. 

During my time with Bluehost I was hacked multiple times and had files added by hackers that filled up my servers with garbage until the site shut down, I had multiple website defacements with the front page of my website having a grim reaper skeleton and the message Fuck You written across the screen definitely not my happiest days.

Hostmonster – When you got hacked they shut down your websites in case it affected the other websites on the shared server effectively your online business was gone. At the time I had about 120 websites on four different host monster account, kindly they offered to fix each website for the princely sum of $199 that would last till the end of the month. So if your site got hacked next month you could pay another $199 to get it sorted with 120 websites times $199 means if all my sites got hacked it would cost me $23,880 to fix per month which would be paid monthly every time my sites got hacked. 

Otherwise, I could have lost my whole online business and content.

Thankfully I found someone on Fiverr who fixed the hacked website for $5 and didn’t end up paying the extortionate fees offered to me at the time by host monster


VPS Servers

Liquid Web – Listen these people were exceedingly friendly and kind It was maybe about $100- $199 dollars per month at the time but all my sites were crashing every two minutes in fact this was my worst hosting experience ever I used to call it liquid shit I think I was with them for a couple of weeks before calling it a day.

How did I solve these problems – I got hosting with a different company what difference did that make to my website issues?


Buying cheap or even paying for expensive website hosting does not necessarily mean you will get good hosting in fact as you can see a more expensive VPS hosting was my worst one. 

I finally moved my websites over on to Wealthy Affiliate I have been there 8 years and in all my 8 years I have never had one website hacked it is not the cheapest hosting at $49 per month for premium or $97 for Premium Plus which is what I use there also is a new dedicated server one for approximately $300 per month. 

Here are some of the things I absolutely love about being with Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting

  1. I haven’t been hacked yet. 
  2. When there is a problem with my website or blog I send a support ticket to them and within 20 mins it is sorted or I get a response telling me what is wrong and what they can do to correct it. 
  3. If I have a question there is also a community with hundreds of thousands of bloggers to ask.
  4. There is a Free Keyword tool to help you get more traffic to your website. 
  5. You can get members of the community to comment on your blog using community credits
  6. You can earn money from hosting referrals
  7. You can earn money from domain referrals
  8. there is a very easy-to-use WordPress Website builder with thousands of themes to choose from.
  9. They will import your website off your old hosting account without losing any of your videos or images and content for free. 
  10. There is a one-click domain transfer button that you can use to transfer your website from one domain to another with just the click of a button.
  11. There is incredibly fast hosting which will help your website rank better on the search engines. 
  12. There are Free SSL Certificates included with all of your websites/blogs


Click Here To Join Wealthy Affiliate Today


Is Your Website Down? – How Not To Lose Money In Your Online Business

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