How To Get Free Trials And Only Pay Once Without Being Constantly Being Rebilled For Subscriptions

Have you ever seen something tempting maybe a free or low-cost trial recurring payment offer and found it hard to resist?

Maybe the subscription is a weekly, monthly quarterly, or even annual subscription.


Unless you log them into an online reminder diary or calendar the chances of remembering your renewal date on an annual subscription are quite small. 

With more regular weekly or monthly payments you are more likely to remember them, but going to support to cancel the membership can often end up being a long drawn-out process that can last for hours or even days before you get a response to your requests or support tickets. 


No one enjoys spending money on monthly or yearly subscription payments – they quickly add up and eat away at your budget. But if you’re like most people, you have plenty of subscriptions that you pay for every month, whether it’s for a streaming service, magazine, or gym membership.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stop paying subscription payments easily. Here are a few tips to make it easier:


1. Review Your Subscriptions Regularly

Before you start unsubscribing from various services, take a few minutes to review them. Look at what services you have and when payments are due. This is a good way to stay informed about your current subscription services and ensure you do not forget any payments.


2. Cancel Services You No Longer Need

If there are services that you’re paying for that you no longer use or need, now is the time to cancel them. Don’t keep spending money on something that you don’t use. The money you save can be used to pay off debt or fund a new investment.


3. Negotiate A Price Reduction

If you don’t want to cancel a service, try negotiating a price reduction. Many companies offer discounts or loyalty programs to their regular customers. Contact the company and ask if there is any way to reduce your monthly subscription payment.


4. Set Up Reminders For Renewals

If you decide to keep a subscription service, make sure that you set up reminders for when the subscriptions renew. This way, you will have time to cancel if you decide that you don’t need the service anymore or if you can get a cheaper alternative.


5. Look for Cheaper Alternatives

Do some research and look for an alternative that is cheaper or offers more value for your money. There are plenty of streaming services, magazine subscriptions, and other services that offer similar benefits at much lower costs.

Eliminating those pesky subscription payments is a great way to save money and make the most of your budget. Review your subscription services regularly, cancel what you don’t need, and look for cheaper alternatives. Doing so can make a major difference in your financial situation.

6. Get cashback on your debit or credit cards – Some card companies offer cashback on all your purchases I get cashback on my Crypto Debit Card on my Revolut Pro Card and also cashback for a year on my chase account. 

Another way to put the brakes on new recurring subscription payments is by using a Revolut disposable online debit card 

The great thing is every time you use the Debit card your card number changes so you can only get billed once and to renew you need to insert the new card number.


If you have ever had some subscription, especially a high-priced subscription come out unexpectedly when a large bill like your rent or mortgage or car payment or insurance is due it can mess up your bank account and leave you paying some totally unnecessary bank fees.


When you should pay online subscriptions



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