Does your Panda Stink? Have you been sh-t  on by the Google Panda changes yet, Chances are if you aren’t in the new world order your website  has took a turn for the worst recently. How else could so many different webmasters traffic suddenly dip 50% or more. I guess the internet was getting a little too free. They like to keep us walking round with balls and chains attached to our ankles.


Why else would they tax clickbank products or show different search results for different people. Maybe they are trying to keep the decisions out of our hands. Why not let the Internet be the next TV so they can brainwash us via our PC, now that so many people are getting sick of  television and turning to the internet. Not forgetting to mention we also have some new online police and they are trying to convince us how important they are. Sounds like a new government money machine to me with new fines coming in left right and centre, it’s hard to believe it will be for the consumers benefit.(Unless the consumer in question lacks a little common sense)Then again I suppose stranger things have happened.

If you have noticed any changes recently in your website make sure you post a comment below and let us know your results, This also goes for adsense have your adsense clicks went down by 90% without making any changes to your site, even though your traffic maybe only went down 40 or 50%. Would be interested to hear from you just use the contact form on the right hand side of this website to let us know your results. On the other hand if your site has gone the other way and had an influx of new traffic would love to hear from you too. No NWO members please…

And Remember

The secret to success online is to never never give up maybe just a little tweak/change in direction or just continue what you are doing after other newbies have quit.

And find a mentor …

Successful Marketing…  🙂


Sotiris Bassakaropoulos








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