If you can’t BEAT THEM JOIN THEM 🙂
Have you noticed with the Panda Updates all the largest Internet monopolies are getting most of the top positions on Google?
And of course one of those sites who I have had a few problems in the past is Amazon now even if they have a good service.
And great ideas for marketing and do convert the sales, they can regularly guillotine their sellers without any recourse for the sellers for ridiculous reasons lol.
The good news is even if they decide to bump off your seller account you can still make money selling in the Associate’s program.

The commissions are pretty low so I would not get too overexcited about these, it’s not the same as selling your own products in an amazon seller account.
but looking from another perspective there are lots of dormant sites out there with no products for sale on them. Or they just have products that will never convert. Instead of having one of these or maybe a few of these useless websites floating about you can join the associate’s program and set up an Amazon shop on your website. Amazon handles all the sales and payments refunds etc. All you do is give the shop a name add some amazon products to the shop relevant to your website.. So if your website is about weight training bench reviews you don’t want to be selling lego on it (little hint) :-).

They only pay I think between 2-5 Percent or thereabouts per transaction don’t quote me on it check the Amazon website to verify the percentages.
The good part about this is when you add the shop you are offered to add a backlink to your site from Amazon. Make sure you do this as in a large corporate website dominated market a backlink from a big name will certainly not do your site or traffic any harm. So don’t forget to do this (really Important) When adding your shop all you need to do is add a new page on your website call it the name of your shop E.G. Health And Wellness Store, Add your health and wellness books products tools, etc to your Amazon shop then copy and paste the Amazon HTML Code Into the HTML section of your page and your shop is created.

I myself have been doing this recently to lots of sites make sure you also place a link or banner on your site to the store where people will see it as there, As there is no point in creating the store if people who visit your website cannot find it.. This will by no means turn you into the next Internet millionaire but will probably get you a few to a few hundred dollars extra per month depending on your traffic and the price of the items you are selling.. Remember 5% of a £1000 air conditioning unit is £50 5% of a £10 book is 50P So having some high ticket items may also be a good idea..

Here is a little example of some business opportunities I have thrown together for you 🙂 Click Here

Wishing you lots of Luck and all the best for 2012

Sotiris And Remember

If you can’t BEAT THEM JOIN THEM 🙂

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