A Six Figure Income With an Internet Marketing Book and a Compelling Squeeze Page

Are you making money with your online business? Maybe it’s because you are focusing your efforts in the wrong area. Maybe all you really need to make money is a good Internet Marketing book and a compelling squeeze page.

Many people start their Internet businesses by trying to make money selling the highest priced affiliate products they can find. 80% of these online businesses will fail within the first year. The real key to making money online is to take a longer-term view of things. Forget about those over-priced affiliate products. Give away (that’s right, I said give away) an Internet Marketing book and develop a list.

To be really successful, you need a large and growing list. You can do this by having a compelling squeeze page and offer a great Internet marketing book. Make sure your offer is something that people will see as having real value.

I offer an Internet marketing book on how to make money. It has been a very popular offering. Between 300 and 400 people opt into my list each month. That is the way to make real money on the Internet. On average, you can expect to make about .00 per subscriber each month.

Let’s look at how these numbers work out assuming that you are growing your list by 300 people per month. (Of course, there are no absolutes in this, or any business. And, there is no guarantee that you will achieve these kinds of numbers.) First of all, to achieve these kinds of numbers, come up with a compelling Internet marketing book of your own and build a good squeeze page.

At the end of your first month, you have 300 people on your list. By your sixth month, you have 1800 people on your list. By the end of your first year, your list totals 3600 subscribers. Remember, each month you can expect to make about .00 per subscriber. So in month 1 you could have made 0, in month number 2, 0. By year-end, you could have made 00. In total, you could have made ,400 for the year. List building is starting to sound pretty attractive now, don’t you think?

In year two things are even better. At the end of your second year, you could make 00 in that month alone. In total, you could have netted ,600 for the year. By the end of year number three, you could make 9,800.

So, what are you waiting for, develop an attractive Internet marketing book, a compelling squeeze page and start making some money!

Do you want to learn more about how I make money? I have just completed my brand new Internet marketing book on how to Make Money Every Day!

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