What were the effects of COVID on my life and business?

In 2003 I was fired from my job for being two hours late so that I could book our wedding for  14th of February, our son was on the way and I promised myself on that day I would never have another job in my lifetime.

I started being self-employed and dabbling in online business but my business had me up all night and sleeping during the day so I was like a vampire.

When my son was 2 he was looking for me and I realised that I wanted to be there to see him grow up.

It was at this stage and after going to a couple of Internet Marketing Seminars that I realised that things had to change.

I spent a lot of money on mentoring courses I bought in total  four  Internet Marketing courses and a money mindset course by Pat Mesiti yep well over £12k in total for them all.

Before I spent this money I tried making money online by being cheap not buying the tools and hosting I needed and made nearly zero. 

Immediately after investing in these courses, I started making some commissions by selling products tools, and services online. And this was the start of my online marketing journey.


Fast forward to 2020 – I had been planning a trip to Bulgaria by car from Northern Ireland and with Covid approaching and after waiting nearly 2 months for our passports we made our escape in the middle of July and began driving through UK and Europe and arriving back in Northern Ireland in late September.

I was told I had to do 14 days of quarantine this really didn’t sit well with me and as my workspace was at a different address from my home address the thought of being cooped up for 14 days without working seemed like a bloody nightmare. You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

No idea how I got through it but I finally did as I had a feeling this was all being created I had a feeling like it may be a while before people could take holidays freely again would happen.

There was one sure thing there was no way I was taking any swabs into my blood-brain barrier nor was I going to be touching any of their vaccines no matter what. 


About 6 weeks after I got back from my trip there was a knock on my door and it was the police, one of the neighbors called the Police and told them I had come from Bulgaria and had not self-isolated.

Even If I thought this was all a created panic and BS to sell vaccines and to push the NWO Agenda I actually did complete the isolation against all the odds :-).

So when they came 4 weeks after I finished to accuse me of not self-isolating it was rather amusing to show them the Facebook live of me getting off the boat and arriving back in the UK that was taken 6 weeks earlier. 


When I got back to my office to work eventually one of my associates on social media set up an online Network and a group of up to 50 of us would hop onto zoom daily.

As a lot of people were not allowed to go to work and many businesses were shut down people realised if they wanted to make money the only place they could do it would be online. 

As my main online business is Digital Marketing Coaching, Blogging, Creating Blogs, and setting up payment systems, autoresponders, and affiliate programs my business went ballistic.

I was inundated with clients and sales and my residual income was soaring during the next year or two. 


It really annoyed me especially the mask promotion and the treatment of the elderly, lying about the causes of death, and the Government claiming suddenly that all deaths were caused by Covid. This stuff made Santa Clause seem really believable.

I was disgusted by the old people locked up behind plastic panels in nursing homes not being able to see their relatives, People being buried lonely many people dying of loneliness while Boris Johnston and Co were having their parties.

To me, this was one of the biggest scams of all time, one of my friend’s mother died he informed me that she didn’t have a funeral, this was total madness not burying your mother WTF.

Here we are in 2023 a couple of years on no one is wearing masks hundreds of thousands are maimed or dead by the vaccines including sportspeople athletes and kids. 

And many people are back to the work grindstone, apart from the ones who figured out that we can live two years without being enslaved in a job let’s just continue. One of the few good things that came out of Covid along with remote work and the online ordering explosion that took place on Amazon due to the scamdemic. 

Also, there was also a tremendous boost in online food delivery too. 

I mentioned earlier in this article about my trip to Europe and Bulgaria I was meant to go to Greece but they had draconian measures in place. You could not get in without a swab up your nose and as I wasn’t going to be a part of communist-like behavior as Greece forgot about its Democracy on this occasion even if I had relatives to visit in Greece I refused to take part in their charades so I never went to Greece. 

Another friend of mine who is from Greece told me his brother got fined 200 Euro for going to a supermarket at the edge of his district and meeting his girlfriend. Yes in Greece to go out you had to fill out a form and sent it to the government before you could go out shopping.  And if you left even a few metres outside your suburb you got fined 200 Plus Euros, And we thought we had problems




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