Is Your Hand Shut Tight? When It Comes To Money

Is Your Hand Shut Tight? When It Comes To Money

I remember many years ago I went to a seminar in Brighton there were many different speakers including Internet Marketers, Wealth Mindset Coach, a 4 Billion Dollar Publisher, and some eBay top sellers.

One Italian speaker came up to the front of the stage and asked someone in the audience to give him £20 there were over 4000 People in the room, many people hesitated for fear of loss in case they lost their £20.

But one quick thinker jumped up and handed him the £20 he waited a moment or two talked for a bit and then pulled out a large wad of notes from his pocket.  He then opened the volunteer’s hand and counted out 500 pounds and gave it to the volunteer.

Why You Should Re-Invest Into Your Business And Tools

 The problem is if your hand is clasped tightly holding onto your money then it is not open to receiving money. Like with the audience members who were reluctant to hand out £20.

Unfortunately, I see this very often with people who want to have an online business, they want to make lots of money but they often are reluctant to buy the tools they need to actually become successful

They tell themselves these crazy stories like when I become rich I will buy all the things I need to grow my online business.  This is the very mindset that leaves them broke.


I have been guilty of doing it too for two years in 2004 before going to that seminar I started a website and tried to make money using free tools and trainings after two years I was broke I think I made about 3 commissions at that time.

After paying about £12k at that event and signing up to 4 mentoring courses I realised if you want to make money then you need to pay for stuff. Almost instantly after signing up for those courses I started making sales and getting hundreds and thousands of dollars in sales and commissions.

I had a client recently who wanted a basic email membership site we set it up minus a few videos that I am waiting on from them, they decided they wanted to use their own domain name on a WordPress website a completely separate site, or bit of software and creation than what the membership site was built on.

After giving them a ridiculously low quote to do the site with a £150 discount they took the huff and stopped answering my messages, even if this person was a millionaire they didn’t want to pay for hosting or building a site that they wanted.

There are so many things that using just a few of the techniques I would have incorporated into their business would have transformed it and increased their profits using total automation but instead the cost of paying for something that they wanted means they will never get these business advantages until someone else comes along who will make them pay for it anyway.

But that’s okay like a conversation I had with a friend yesterday and a car salesman who sold me a car last week made me realise some people are determined to remain in the dark ages (Proud to be a dinosaur) even if it makes their online presence extinct.

My advice to you is if you want something decide to get it, do the pricing figure out how much money you need to do it often the price is double what you originally thought it would be.

Once you have decided you wanted it and priced it then let your conscious and subconscious mind go to work to figure out ways to make it happen that’s what I do. 

Cut out the lame excuses about how you can’t afford it and when you win the lottery you will then be able to get it, that crap really doesn’t work and stops you from making many achievements in your life.

Remember in order for money to work in the world it needs to go around by holding to everything and not investing you are stagnating the money and keeping the money from other people who will spend it with someone else who can eventually give the money back to you. 

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Is Your Hand Shut Tight? When It Comes To Money

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