AdWords Account Banned? What to Do Now If Your Account Was Banned

In the last few weeks Google banned an estimated 200,000 AdWords accounts. This was mainly due to affiliates promoting CPA offers that were part of re-billing schemes. However, it seems that the ban also affected affiliates promoting legitimate offers and owners of dormant accounts.

If you received the dreaded email that your account was banned then there is not much you can do. If you call them or send en email to support you will likely receive a reply that this was the decision of the “quality team”. Basically there is no review process, or appeal – you just have to live with it.

There are ways to get your account back or so I have heard but this is a long and tedious process and if Google finds out what you have done then they can easily ban that account as well. Inside sources tell me that Google does not want any sort of CPA offers in their index, so if you are a CPA affiliate then you are fighting an uphill battle.

If you have lost AdWords as a traffic source for your offers then what are you going to do now? Smart affiliates are flocking new a new, yet underground traffic source that thrives on CPA offers – which is called PPV or CPV.

Essentially, you are buying traffic per view based on the keywords or urls you bid on. You can direct link your offers and there is no quality score or other limiting factors. You can get eyeballs on your offer for as little as one penny per view. The traffic you can generate for as little as $100 is enormous.

CPV has been a secret of many top marketers for the last few years and in fact some are making 5 figures per day simply direct linking to CPA offers from CPV traffic. Now it seems that the secret is out and CPV is becoming more mainstream as marketers are looking for ways to replace lost traffic sources.

There are 5 major players that provide traffic in the CPV field. Some require big deposits to get started, up to $1,500. There is one network which is a real up and comer that provides quality traffic, friendly helpful service and it only costs $100 to get started.

I highly recommend that you check out DirectCPV from this link, as you can get a discount, instant sign up bonus and get your offers working again!

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