We have discovered through research and testing, that over the past few years, Google SEO increasingly relies on low bounce rates. If you don’t know what bounce rates are, it simply means the rate at which your visitors leave your site from the same page to which they arrived. Keeping this number below 80% is important.

This move seems particularly important to Google SEO efforts for the simple reason that, a website who people don’t find interesting enough to stay for more than one page, must not have much value to visitors. If you think about this, it makes much sense. Why would Google rank websites with very high bounce rate at the top? They wouldn’t. With the increase marketing of so called, traffic generating services, this has become even more important.

While you may fool your friends by telling them you get 1,000 daily visitors, Google is not so naïve. Suppose your website generates 1,000 daily visitors, of which only 50 move on to another page on your site, your bounce rate is 95%. Not too good.

In the eyes of Google, your website simply offers very little value to your potential visitors, which in turn are immediately leaving your site at an alarming rate of 95%.

Our best suggestion is to keep your content fresh. Take the time to write, create and organize your content in a way that you would want to read it. In the end your visitors are very much like you. Don’t create something you would not want to take the time to look at.

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Gabriel Lopez
Certified Google SEO Professional

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gabriel_Lopez

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