What is a classified ad and how can you use it sell like crazy?

Briefly, a classified advertisement is placed by someone who wishes to sell a specific product or service. The person browsing for that product will then go to the classified ad section and read the ads that are most relevant to them.

Typically, the two main ways to place a classified ad is through the newspaper or online. The newspaper is effective if you are appealing to a local and more concentrated audience. This is beneficial if you are not a business person yet want to sell a household item for example. The great thing about classified ads is that you can be an entrepreneur or a house- wife and still place an ad regardless of your status.

If you wish to target a much larger audience however, I would strongly suggest that you place your classified ad online. This will reach a huge number of people, locally and globally. If you are a business person and have a company then add your website also, this will drive traffic to your site.

So now that you know a little about classified ads and their purpose, how can you use this information to sell like crazy?

  1. Look for newspapers and websites that allow you to place a classified ad for free. There are many free classified ad sites and other free services. Make full use of these and save on unnecessary advertising costs. This way you can just focus on selling and making money without worrying about how much you’re spending!
  2. Put as many classified ads in as many places as you can. Place one in all the free newspapers, periodicals and free ad sites available. The higher volume of people that you can reach will mean more potential buyers and if it’s relevant – more sales.
  3. You have about three seconds for the browser to notice your ad or to fall asleep with boredom! You definitely want the first one so make the headline of your ad gripping and attractive. Simple yet effective language is your best route to success.

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  1. lolz, thanks for showing me what classified ads are and how to sell like crazy. this is really nice I like them I will start trying them out from today. nice thanks for this.

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