Which Autoresponder Info On Three Of The Top Autoresponders To Help You Decide.

Marketers Choice Sometimes also know as 1st shopping Cart. Marketers choice or 1st Shopping Cart is a solution if you are looking More than just a standard Autoresponder. The thing about Marketers choice is it offers you an integrated payment system with also the choice to take credit/debit card payments. It also can be integrated with numerous other top payment gateways like Paypal Authorize.net and Many More. The Professional version also offers digital delivery of digital products which is completely automated which allows your business to run 24/7 even when you are away or asleep.

The Autoresponder once used a few times under instruction or by watching the tutorials is easy to use, you have the choice of doing broadcasts to your whole database,customers,affilates or prospects or you can pick which different autoresponder lists you wish to broadcast to. It also gives you ready made payment buttons to add to your site for anyone wishing to make a purchase. In the professional version there is also an affiliate programme so you can add as many of your own affiliate programmes as you like and set commission rates and tracking to be be paid to your affiliates.It will remind you when it is time to pay your affiliates and how much you owe them.


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Also, your affiliates can check anytime to see how many sales they have made how many  clicks where made on their affiliate link and how much commissions they have earned and also get notifications on every sale. Although some people say that get response and awebers email deliverability is better I know a lot of top marketers that use this system. I find it great personally! You also get the usual delivery stats etc as well. how many people opened your email how many where returned or bounced due to invalid email addresses etc.If you are gonna be making your own products and selling them online this is a good system to use, it also allows you the option to take recurring payments automatically as well, For any long term residual payments like a membership course, training course, etc.

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The only  services I can recommend are First shopping Cart

  Aweber and GetResponse. They have most of  the important  features as described above and are the only ones who are really dedicated to serving you best.

Unlike other autoresponder services that offer you unlimited autoresponders, follow-ups and leads (note: they do so, ´cause they know that the average business doesn´t have more than 5000 contacts)

I´ve been subscribed  to many mailing lists who often sent their emails out using these three services, ´
So the only choice to have your business in a safe environment is to use only those services whose business is autoresponders and nothing else.

The reasons I would prefer Getresponse’s autoresponder is that it has video mail and cool new updated features . When I see someone using Getresponse –Aweber or First Shopping Cart I know  that it´s pretty a serious business !

Well off Course – it´s your choice. All three autoresponders above are top and deserve the maximum rating of 5.

So now Ladies and Gentlemen it all up to you

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