Four essential points to remember when writing a successful classified ad

There are four key points to remember when writing a successful classified ad and before you get discouraged, you must realise that this task is not just for wordsmiths and advertising gurus, anyone can write a successful classified ad if they remember the following tips which are based on the principal of A.I.D.A. (attention, interest, desire, action). I will focus on these four words and explain how you can use them to get the most out of your ad.

  1. Attention. The headline that you use in your classified ad to outline your product/service is a vital ingredient in order for your ad to stand out among others. Remember, you will be among other business people that wish to sell similar products, so if your headline does not immediately catch the browser’s interest, someone else’s ad will. You must therefore ensure that your headline is catchy, interesting, and gives the reader a reason to buy. It should be the answer to the client’s problem and might be presented in the form of a rhetorical question. If it’s an energy supplement that you are selling for example, then perhaps you will want to say something dramatic such as – “Are your energy levels sinking lower than the Titanic?” For the large number of people looking for such a solution and are already browsing the classified section, the answer will inevitably be yes.
  2. Interest. Now that you have created an attention-grabbing headline for your classified ad, you will want to hold their attention long enough to re-emphasise the benefits of purchasing. You should constantly be offering the solution to their problem, focusing on your product’s ability to make that happen for them. The secret is to keep it simple but hard-hitting enough to motivate action from the browser. Don’t panic in this respect as classified ads tend to be short and so you only need a few quirky sentences to ensure its success.
  3. Desire. The wording of your main body must be unique and evoke desire from the potential buyer. Use visually stimulating words that allow the browser to imagine what their life would be like having bought your product/service. Use proven selling words such as ‘Guaranteed’ and ‘save money to make them feel that they are getting the best and most trustworthy deal.
  4. Action. The call to action is essential in turning that browser into a buyer. The word ‘now’ is an effective selling word that is often used to encourage immediate action from the client. Leave your contact details at this stage so that your classified ad will not be in vain and people can actually reach you. Adding a website address will also allow browsers to navigate your site and possibly buy other goods from you, this will give them confidence that you are a safe and established vendor.

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