000 Free Webhosting Review

000 Free Webhosting Review

Hi, this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos and today, we’re going to be setting up a website with 000webhost I’m going to take you through the whole process, from signing up for a free hosting account and right through to actually creating a website. The first thing you do is you go to the link that’s on this video, or you can go to 000webhost.com. Then you click the “sign up for free” button. It will ask you for an email address, it’ll ask you for a password, and it’ll ask you your website name. So we will name the website, and then we just click “get free hosting.”

000 Free Webhosting Review

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000 Free Webhosting Review

A Transcription of the video above in case you missed anything

First, you can learn and do the free hosting here, but if you want professional web hosting you can upgrade to the premium web hosting at any time, it starts at just $2.99 per month which is a bargain for sure.

So we’ll just go in and confirm my email, and that’s us now done hopefully. Click “manage website”. So, you can build an ordinary website, you can build a WordPress website, I always use WordPress so I’m just going to click “install now”, and you then pick an admin username and an admin password. As it’s free hosting, it’s not going to be on your own domain, it’s going to be @yourname.000webhostapp.com. Then you click install. You can see it here, as it installs and creates your website and database here.

So if you’re just getting started and you have no idea how to do WordPress and you’ve never done a blog before, this is an ideal way for you to test the water and learn how to do it. The other great thing about this obviously is that it’s free, so it’s not costing you anything at all. It’s a great service. So now we go to our “configuration” page. Then we put in our username and password.

We can go in here, if we click here we’ll see that’s our new website, so we can put whatever we want the name to be here. “General settings.” Here is your website name and here is your keyword-rich tagline. So we’ll go here, and here is your WordPress blog ready. Obviously, we can go to the dashboard just like with any normal WordPress blog we can go in and change the appearance, add a new theme, upload a theme. Then we’ll install the theme onto our website, and activate it. I actually made a banner for somebody very recently. Now we’ll change our header, so we go into “add new image” and then I’m just going to go to my desktop where I made the header.

That’s the header, so we’ll put the header on the website, we’ll give it our keyword, so the title could be our website name and maybe some relevant keyword. So we’ll call it (my website name) and (keywords). And then we just click publish, and now that’s our blog published. At the minute there’s nothing at the top, so if we go to “menus” at the top, and we’ll create a menu. We’ll call it “home”, and hit create menu. And we’ll make it appear as a lower menu, and then we just go to custom links and we just start giving links.

Our main page is this, so we’ll just copy this, which is our main page URL, put it here, and we’ll call that the homepage. Then we can obviously add a new page and call it a “contact us” page, which I recommend doing with an optin box where people can leave a message for you. You can also add your privacy policy page, add your terms of service policy page, and many other pages that are necessary for owning a successful blog.

Always remember to click the blue button while saving your website details. Then what we can do now is we can go to the pages, and see what the URL is of the other page. So by clicking “view” here on the contact us page, it will give us the URL. So we copy the URL, go back to menus, custom links, paste in our link, and write “contact us page”. We then add it to the menu, and once again I forgot to save it.

Once you go back to your site you’ll see that you have a homepage and a contact us page. You can see here so far, we’ll just go and do a post and see what it’s like. I already have experience with this hosting company, and I’m using another 6 different companies for hosting. So far, I have found that this company is much faster, I found the hosting is much faster, I found 100% uptime which I haven’t been getting with my other hosting companies, in other words, I have been thinking of transferring all my hosting onto this site, and the only reason I haven’t done it, is that it involves a lot of hassle for me, transferring so many websites.

We’ll take an example here, just grab a video here that I made earlier. So we’ll say this is one of my blog posts. Put in the title, put in an H3 tag at the top, an H2 tag at the bottom with the keyword. We’ll put it in the SEO tag as well, we’ll put it in a category, call it “WordPress tips”. And then we’ll just come here and press share, then click embed, and that should give us the embed code. So we’ll just copy this embed code like so, and instead of visual you just click on text when you’re putting the video in and paste the code in here. I always change it because my theme’s about 600 wide, so I change the video width from about 560 to 600, by, say 360. Then I’ll click publish.

Now you’ll be able to see your new website ready, it’s just a matter of going in here, adding more pages onto the menu, adding other things to the menu, and as well as that if you go into “widgets” here you can drag your recent posts into the sidebar and stuff like that. As new pages are made that will appear in the sidebar, you can put some advertisements here, you can put 300 x 250 ads, you can put 125×125 ads, there’s a whole lot of things you can do. You can put Google Adsense in it, just whatever you want there. So that’s how you make a website. As I said, this is powered by Hostinger, and they are very fast. A lot faster than the other hosting companies that I have been using, and like I said If I could switch all my stuff over here instantly and without any hassle, and I’d say I probably will in the near future.

I think it’s great, it’s awesome, and if you want to join up you can click the button on the video to register to get the free hosting. Or if you don’t want a free website, you want a professional one with a domain, you might want to check out the blog with my Hostinger review, where I actually show you how to do it in Hostinger with the premium service and how that works out. So that’s me for today and I will talk to you in the next video, thanks very much.

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Here Are The Reasons Why I Would Use This Hosting Service

  1. Advantages of free Webhosting with 000webhost.com over other solutions: With many other platforms like WordPress.com or Blogger they frequently delete blogs or websites, for having too many adverts or content they do not like. This means you do not control your own content, and it can be deleted at any time.   With 000Webhost.com, because they are a proper Webhosting company, this will not happen.

2. As shown in the video above, setting up your new WordPress Blog or Website with 000Webhost is so simple anyone could do it. You just follow the easy step by step instructions on the page and you are done 🙂

3. Not everyone in every corner of the world has the money to afford Webhosting, With 000Webhost.com this is no longer a problem anymore as you can now get started with Webhosting for free.

4. 000Webhost.com is powered by Hostinger as discussed in my previous Hostinger Review, Hostingers hosting service is very fast with 100% uptime in my experience so far. To me, this is extremely important as when your websites are down as a webmaster you are losing money, visitors and subscribers as well. As I have used many big hosting companies in the past such as Hostgator, Hostmonster, Bluehost, and Liquid Web before, and I suffered lots of downtimes and lost revenue with all of them.

5. As shown in the video above this is perfect for beginners. It’s very easy to set up, especially if watching the instructions step by step, in fact, I wished there had been a service like this when I had first started blogging on the internet.

If you are thinking of starting a blog and money or fear is holding you back, then I suggest you watch the video above, click the get started with 000Webhost.com link below the video.  And get your business, your thoughts, and your services on the internet. 

Please Note Since Creating This Review A Few Years Ago I have found a much better hosting solution and moved all my websites there as well Click Here To Get Access To The Hosting I Use

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Any questions feel free to post them in the blue live chat box at the bottom of this website 🙂 

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