How To Spot a Real Bullshitter

Have you ever really been told a really good bullshit story?  The thing is when it comes to bullshit life can sometimes throw some crap your way genuinely.

My rule tends to be I can listen to Bullshit up to three times in a row max (Only in special circumstances)  After that the best thing to do is sit back and observe.

The real bullshitter will eventually shine through if they are fully qualified bullshitters.

Some things you might hear are reasons to justify why they told you the bullshit.  You will find yourself often being told things you want to hear.

There might be a bit of praise coming from them like why you are so good and other people aren’t .  They will tell you that they really wanted to do something but they couldn’t because of this reason and that reason and the other reason.

The thing is after a while it becomes easy to smell BS a mile away, but even if you smell some BS travelling your way , that isn’t always enough to justify it as real BS.

George Carlin Bullshit is everywhere

After all the reasons could be real, shit happens,people lose their jobs,people die,disasters can happen often even in threes.


So in bullshitters I tend to go for a three strike in a row rule, after that I am in no doubt that they are full of shit. And there is no need to any longer listen to anything they say.  Kind of like water off a ducks back, their words just roll away with none or very little meaning. Bullshit Talks, Walkers, walk the talk.

So to spot a real bullshitter just listen to their story, up to a max of 3 of them.  Then all you have to do then is sit very quietly and listen to them.  Why?  because three lots of BS stories are never enough for a fully qualified bullshitter, they will continue to tell you some more.

Once you hear the 4th lot of Bullshit in a row, it is time to give them the Real Bullshitters Award.

How To Spot A Real Bullshitter

What does this mean?

It means everything they say is either bullshit or make believe, a part of their fantasy story.

They might tell you all the things they are going to do.

They might tell you all the things you want to hear .

but it’s all a small part of what could be a complete BS story..


So distance yourself imagine watching them from high up in the sky looking down on their little bullshit story, realising how insignificant and meaningless it really all is.  That way you will not get affected by anything the bullshitters say or do, because it will come as no surprise to you.

When dealing with a real bullshitter preparation and awareness is everything, prepare yourself for the bullshit shitstorm that is about to come, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride from above.

In that rare occasion when you think you are hearing BS for the third time in a row sit back for a while and listen.

See if it happens again. Or if they actually do what they said they where going to do.  If this happens they could have genuinely had some problems. Using these rules above it should be easy to spot.

And see if they truly deserve the real bullshitters award.

At this stage if they do get the award you can do one of two things.

  1. you can present them with the real bullshitters award and tell them they have won.
  2. You can not let on, and just watch in amusement as they continue their bullshit talk and actions and bullshit them into thinking you believe them.

The Choice Is Entirely Yours..

This is dedicated to all the people out there who are full of crap..



How To Spot a Real Bullshitter

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