Go With Your Gut Feeling And Save Time

Go With Your Gut Feeling And Save Time

If you are one of those people who have instinctive feelings about stuff then go with your gut feelings.

We have developed instincts over many thousands of years and unfortunately in modern society, many people do not use them

These instincts and feelings (Gut Feelings) are there for a reason so when you feel one don’t ignore it listen to it.


Any time I do not listen to my inner voice my gut feelings then it can cause me havoc or I end up wasting a load of time and then realising days weeks or years later that I should have listened to myself in the first place.

Generally, if I walk into a shop or go online shopping I see exactly what I want very quickly, when I first got married and went into a shop with my wife and saw something exactly what I wanted I went to lift it and my wife talked me out of it.

Now I already knew in 5 minutes exactly what I wanted but two hours later after not buying it and searching through alternative stuff I would come back and realise that this was what I wanted exactly in the first place.

When you have an instinct or skill for knowing what to do or jumping to exactly the right thing to do or buy don’t ignore it or you will often either regret it or waste days weeks or months avoiding doing something and then end up doing it in the end anyway after wasting a lot of precious time and energy.

So the moral of the story is if you have a bad feeling about something or someone.

If you have a good feeling about something or someone follow your instinct in most cases you will not be wrong.

And who knows it could also simplify your life a lot as well 🙂

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