Tax your asses
Tax your asses

5000 Years Ago Moses Said To Israel Pick Up Your Shovels,

Mount Your Asses And Camels, And I Will Lead You To The Promised Land!

When Welfare Was Introduced Roosevelt Said Lay Down Your Shovels,

Sit On Your Asses, And Light Up A Camel This Is The Promised Land!

Today The Government Has Stolen Your Shovel, Taxed Your Asses,

Raised The Price Of Camels And Mortgaged The Promised Land To China.

Donald Trump Tried To Take Your Land Back From China

But then a guy with senile dementia and no followers had a landslide election result

With A Few Hundred Thousand False Votes And From Dead People

Now The Public are Being Masked Injected And Are Not Allowed Any Communication

Until they take the Vaccine that Billy The Kid And Fauci Planned for them a few years ago.

And Bojo Has Gone haywire he wakes up from his sleep at night dreaming about MRNA vaccines crawling through peoples bodies

Now The USA EU UK makes communist china look like a picnic area

Welcome to Toxic Vaccine Paradise

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