Top 5 reasons to use free classified advertising

If you wish to buy a product or invest in a service, browsing through free classified ads will be the first step to take in this process. More importantly, if you are a seller, free classified ads are ideal in promoting your product in an effective and efficient way.

Here are my top 5 reasons to use free classified advertising when you are buying or selling a product.

For the seller –

  1. It is free to place a classified ad in most newspapers and classified ad sites. This means you will essentially get free exposure for your product.
  2. Classified ad sites will reach a huge number of potential buyers. The internet is vast and the people that it reaches are limitless.
  3. Classified ads are specific. The people that will be contacting you are normally already looking for the exact product that you are selling. This saves time for you and effort for them.
  4. It’s yet another way to get exposure for your items. Placing as many classified ads in as many newspapers, internet sites and social networks as you can will increase the amount of people that see it. More people, more sales, it’s that simple.
  5. You can be anyone from anywhere. The great thing about classified advertising is that you can sell your products regardless of who you are or what you do. Whether you are a nurse or a businessman, you can place an ad with ease. Online especially, you don’t have to be part of a group or company to register on the classified ad sites and so if you are selling some household items for a bit of extra cash, well, that’s ok too!

For the buyer –

  1. Classified ads are specific. As classified ads are categorised into specific sections, you will save time by getting to your desired product right away. Using classified ad sites rather than browsing through newspapers will be even more efficient as you can just type in the keyword that relates to your search and the all the relevant results will appear instantly.
  2. You have a huge chance of finding what you are looking for. In the last few years, people have become more aware of the benefits of using classified ads. People who are selling the products that you want will often be placing them online to reach more clients and so there will be an abundance of products to choose from. A greater selection on one site/page means you have a one stop shop for all your needs. This is beneficial in saving time and energy.
  3. You can save money. Some people hit the high street to buy the things that they want and usually they will pay an inflated price. Classified ads will usually have the exact same products at a discounted rate. In the classified section in the newspaper, for example, it is local companies and ordinary people that advertise and they will be selling at reasonable prices to appeal to their local customers. Don’t pay a fortune until you have examined all your options!
  4. You get great gift ideas. I often find that by browsing the classified ad section, I come across tons of items that I would never have thought of but make for great presents. Recently, I couldn’t think of anything to buy my uncle since all he really enjoys is golfing. Golf clubs are very expensive to buy and I didn’t even know what type to get. However, I discovered an ad in the classified section that was offering a full set of golf clubs for a really great price! So, it’s worth a chance if you need some help buying gifts on a budget.
  5. Classified advertising appeals to the last minute shopper. Christmas, birthdays and holidays can become a nightmare if you have left shopping to the last minute. If you know what you wish to buy, classified ads are ideal. You can look through a particular group of ads and find what you need in less time. Walking around shops and going to different sites is not an efficient use of time, it’s better to go to a classified ad site, type in your search and get speedy results.

By Cherie Magee

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