What are classified ads and how can you place one in Belfast?

A classified ad or classified advert is usually found in the newspaper, online and in other periodicals such as free ads papers and local newsletters.  It describes a type of ad that can be placed by an ordinary private person to order to sell their products or services. This is of great use to the person who wishes to solicit sales but is not part of a business organisation or company. In other words, anyone can place an ad regardless of their occupation or status.

Classified ads have benefits for both buyer and client. If you are a client wanting to buy something but do not wish to travel too far to get it, then your best bet is to search the classified ads section in a newspaper that is local. If you live in Belfast, for example, you will want to look for sellers that are from Belfast itself. This will save you both time and money. You will also find that local classified ads will offer you products at a discounted rate as there is less competition for buying products. In fact, it is a great feeling being able to get the exact product or service you require for a reduced price, without compromising on the quality. In Belfast, especially, if you have the patience to browse various local papers for the best deal, you will find unbelievable bargains on a wide range of items. These items might be double the price on the high street and so it is worth your time to keep your options open before sourcing it from a branded company.

If you are a seller from Belfast wishing to reach a wide audience of potential buyers, then placing a classified ad is also an excellent idea. You will find that many local newspapers in Belfast will allow you to place your ads for free. This is much more cost effective way of advertising as it means you can place your classified ad in a variety of local papers without spending any money at all.

In fact, there is another way to get free advertising using classified ads that I have found really effective and that reach an unlimited amount of buyers.  As with most businesses that are taking to the internet to expand their client base, classified ads are now available online to browse at the click of a mouse. Instead of flicking through pages of possibly irrelevant ads in the newspaper, you will be able to go onto classified ad sites and type in what you are wishing to buy specifically.  There will be many sites that also allow you to do this for free and if you are from Belfast, it would be wise to type in the word ‘Belfast’ so that you can get your product nearby.  Again, saving time and money.

Free online classified ad sites will ensure that you pay no hidden fees and will often have a picture of your product so that you know what you are about to buy. It is an efficient and smart way of buying and selling products without leaving your living room, so for those of you with little time to spare, it is ideal.

By Cherie Magee

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