Easy SEO tools for website analysis.

Many well-meaning internet marketing newbies fail to succeed in their online venture because they create a website and wait for people to visit. It just does not happen. It is necessary to optimize the website for search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) is very much necessary for success in any online venture, irrespective of the industry.

Here are some really useful and effective easy SEO tools for website analysis.


This popular and easy SEO tool is used by many successful internet marketers, SEO experts and web designers. It is an automated website analysis tool. This well-thought-out tool helps users understand and improve their website. This tool is free and easy to use.

WooRank gathers data about any website, analyses it and provides a personalized report which helps in improving the website from marketing point of view. This amazing tool increases profits and saves precious time.

Site Trail

Site Trail is a popular website analysis platform. It is the most comprehensive source for breaking social media and technology new on the internet. Site Trail helps users to keep track of their favorite websites.

Site Trail’s web analysis solutions are entirely different. It scours the internet in an endeavor to find as much information about the website as possible. This free tool is well-known for its comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.

Marketing grader

Marketing grader is promoted by marketing software company HubSpot. This amazing easy to SEO tool helps prospects find you on the internet; nurtures your leads and improves conversion; and measures and improves your inbound marketing.

SEO Workers

SEO Workers helps you to analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages. It uses the spider technology which is similar to the one used by search engines like Google.


IBP (Internet Business Promoter) is an SEO software which offers everything you need to promote your website on the internet. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

SEO Scores

This free website analysis tool performs in-depth analysis of your website and generates relevant reports.


This online SEO tool provides an objective analysis of the quality and searchability of your website. Its many features ensure success of your online venture. It also lets you know what exactly you need to do to enhance your website’s performance.

Pear Analytics

Pear Analytics’ proven step-by-step process helps you to drive traffic to your website. The 5-step process involves keyword research, competitive analysis, full suite audit, social profile and custom roadmap.

With the above-mentioned easy SEO tools, you are sure to become a Google SEO expert and your online venture is bound to generate immense profits.

Here is also one of my favourite SEO Tools

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