Does Tissa’s affiliate program make money for you?

Acme affiliate income opportunity program is a 100% free multi streams of income affiliate program on the Internet that helps you to earn your initial $125 within 24 hrs. of your joining and over 12 income streams. Acme People search affiliate program was founded by Mr. Tissa Godavitarne who not only helps you to earn 12 income streams but also teaches you how to make money on the internet through their Acme people search forum.

Tissa’s income opportunity is fair and transparent money making on the internet as an affiliate program where thousands of affiliates are using Tissa’s program to make real income online.

If you are with internet marketing, you possibly aware of this affiliate program from ACME. Several money making programs on the internet are scams which don’t keep their promises as assured by them in the beginning. These kind of money making programs generally are built or programmed in a such as way that you will have to spend more money than you earn and which you will find the whole picture at last when you have paid more and got less. The programs are so tempting that you will not remain without signing them even knowing that the whole picture of the program in not transparent. You lose the money in the end but there are only one and few others who make money, the program owner and the gurus who has long list of 1000s of subscribers.

There are 3 STEPS to compete when you join





As soon as you have signed up with ACME you will be provided with your own niche people search engine built by Tissa himself. He will build, upload and host your niche people search engine to his server or any other web hosting company you suggest as per their inbuilt program. Each time someone or anyone searches phone numbers, lookup missing relatives and peoples, background check and much more through your free people search engine, you will make commissions each time. This is one of the income sources for you including others and total 12 streams of income.

Almost over 30% of internet searches are geared towards an address searches, phone numbers, background checks, missing and other people finder, business searches, or other related searches. Your very own Niche Search engine incorporates all of these searches so making it very popular on the internet.

What are the benefits for Free member?

Acme People Search affiliate income opportunity earns referral commissions for you from 7 different income streams. If you succeed to join one referral to Acme People Search, you will be qualified for a $30 payment ( from 3 different Steps) per person.

In Step 1 – $5.00

In Step 2 – another $10.00 or GDI signups (Choose any of these two)

And in Step 3 ANOTHER $15.00.

That’s total up to $30.00 per referral you refer to your ACME affiliate Link

The other 6 referral income streams pay anywhere from $25 to $125 each referral. By just availing the people search engine for commissions, some affiliates are earning up to $5,000 each month. Acme People Search has thousands of affiliates who are earning incredible amount of commissions each month.

More earnings when you become a Forum Super Sponsor
By becoming a super sponsor at Acme people search Forum and making around 30 posts within 30 days, you will get your all subscriptions Free. Actually, you will have to reply to fellow member’s queries, teach them about ACME affiliate program, solve their problem.

– Tissa will pay back your GDI monthly fee of $10 or if using Hostgator then he will pay back $9.95

– Tissa will refund you $29.95 paid by you in step 3

– And you will have 100% display rate

– He will pay back your wealthy affiliate monthly subscription of $39.95,but you must sign up under his link to qualify. This program is in itself a golden gateway for you if you want to

learn how to make money on the internet without any failure.

– He will also pay back your GVO subscription of $44.95 per month.

– Tissa will pay you $100 cash to cover advertising costs

– Tissa will put random referrals from the Acme People Search Forum rotator to your down line.

Acme People Search affiliate income opportunity is no doubt a great program for affiliates looking to make money on the internet. Tissa Godivatarne, founder of Acme People Search, will do everything for you, including build and set up your search engine. There are other opportunities inbuilt in the program, but the free affiliates has potential to earn just as much commissions. For more details you can review their 3 affiliate websites and for more details you can visit detailed hub on the same subject.

If you want to know what are the detailed multiple streams of income possibilities with ACME then read a detailed post on how to make money on the internet

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