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Fashion jewelry has become very trendy and it’s updated after every few months. Other than expensive jewelry, there is also a variety of cheap jewelry. However, you can choose something if you have some knowledge about different items. This article will help you understand the variety available.

Hand crafted jewelry: It comes in various styles and it’s developed in different combinations of beads, stones, metals and pearls, etc. This is the most original type of jewelry, and the vast variety has made it suitable for different outfits. Both simple and heavy pieces are available including separate pieces and wholesale necklaces. Brown, black, blue and white are the most popular colors.

Wedding jewelry: This is also known as special jewelry as it’s developed on demand for weddings, anniversaries or special occasions. Brooches, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are all included in this category. The jewelry is decorated with crystals, stones, and beads along with metal chains or threads. In some countries, traditional jewelry is also a part of this category.

Fashion bracelets: Whether its special or ordinary jewelry, it looks boring without the bracelets. Fashion bracelets are chunky than the old delicate type, however the later type is ever popular. Bangles are also getting very popular in western countries, as now they are not only the traditional pieces of the east. Funky colors have become a trend among teenagers. Whereas, simple bracelets are created in silver and stainless steel, but steel is cheap, and durable than other metals, besides it does not fade away.  The designers love to create different pieces, using steel, beads and stones.

Stylish earrings: A woman perhaps cannot imagine her life without the earnings. In eastern countries, earrings are considered a status symbol, especially the gold earrings. However, in the European countries, delicate earrings are common. Both small and large sizes are available in different materials, but gold and silver is ever popular

Finger rings: Another heart and soul piece for women is the ring. It is a piece of fashion jewelry which has special links to romance. You cannot dream a marriage or engagement ceremony without it. Even now it has become the most common type among the rest of the jewelry. These days, huge stone rings are getting popular, and they are made of stones and beads. Similarly, traditional rings are also made worldwide according to the tradition of the specific area. But, delicate rings will always remain popular. Though, diamond is an expensive stone but it has been in demand since ages and people won’t stop buying it. Women of all ages wear rings whether they are home or at work.

Anklets: These are also popular in many countries, and the designers love to create delicate anklets with small beads. Steel is also trendy than the rest of the metals as it’s cheap.

Whether it’s an ordinary piece of jewelry or it’s a fashion statement, it should be functional as well. This type of multipurpose jewelry is also known as solid jewelry.

The above mentioned types will help you choose a nice piece for you or your loved one.

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