Getting Better Rankings and More Traffic for Your Website

Search Engines – Google in particular – are constantly changing the rules about how to get good rankings.  They dictate what type of content they want on the websites they rank.  Whatever Google does the other search engines tend to follow.

2023 and into 2024 are bringing some huge changes to the type of content they want to see on a website.

In this blog, we’ll look at what some of the changes are and how to get your website Google-ready so you don’t lose rankings and can quickly improve your current rankings.



Is that a spelling mistake?  No.

Google’s new anagram for ranking websites is EEAT – Expertise, Experience, Authority and Trustworthy.

Websites with a focus on EEAT are more likely to get better rankings.




How do you prove you are an expert in your field?  With content.

Google is looking for websites that provide a lot of information.  These are websites continually being updated with good quality informative content with a focus on the user experience.

What they are looking for are higher content-driven articles and less sales blogs.  Be prepared to write 100 or 200 blogs on your website with a ratio of about 80 informative blogs to 20 sales blogs with the focus on the visitor experience to your site rather than SEO.

One of the trends I’m seeing is creating more blogs around 1000 on a website.  The results published by some bloggers indicate the traffic being driven to their websites is phenomenal.  Some bloggers are reporting huge increases of over 500% in traffic.

One blogger showed statistics where he already had traffic of 40,000 a month to his website and by increasing the amount of content – good quality content – traffic went up to 200,000 visitor per month.

More good quality content on the website the more it proves you know your topic and the more Google likes it and rewards with more traffic.



This is telling the story of your experience with whatever your topic is.

For example, if you are an affiliate and selling running shoes, the old blogs would be a comparison of say 10 different types of running shoes.  They are known as “the best of” blogs.

Today Google will want to see your experience with a particular type of running shoe.  Photos and stories that are unique to you and prove you own the shoe, have tried them and are writing about them from your perspective.

I’m a wealth coach who teaches clients how to start an online business and invest the profits into digital assets, property and commodities.

I tell stories about my learning and experience.

These are the type of articles that get the highest rankings on my websites.

If there is one tip I can offer here, it is to write everything you do and learn each day and make it the basis for a blog.  This way you never run out of content or stories.

The more you can write from a personal perspective the better Google likes the blogs and the website and the more traffic they will drive to your site.



To gain authority requires a few tricks of the trade.

  1. Content – we’ve already covered how good quality informative posts and fewer sales posts are what Google is looking for on websites. This proves you know your topic and gives you brownie points towards authority rankings
  2. Backlinks are another resource for building authority. Backlinks are where other websites refer to material on your website as the authority on a topic.  If you have a blog with unique research or data that can be linked back to your website the better your authority is deemed. So, you want to include statistics, data, charts or some unique software etc that can’t be found anywhere else.

In my article What Types of SEO Links Does a Website Need you’ll find more information about adding backlinks to a website.



To achieve trustworthiness is about demonstrating the above item Expertise, Experience and Authority.

The more your website has the right type of articles versus just being sales orientated the more Google will deem your site trustworthy.


To AI or Not to AI is the Question

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is very popular at the moment with people claiming they are writing complete articles and even books using AI.  It appears to be the answer to everyone’s creativity issues.

Be warned – both Google as the search engine and Amazon as a book publishing site are frowning upon items created through AI.

Today, all blogs and books go through an AI software checking system to establish how original the content is.

While there is no stopping either blogs or books being published, they will tend to rank lower than good original content that shares personal experience. It is easy to tell when content is AI produced.

AI is impersonal.  It cannot meet the requirements of experience.  It can’t tell personal stories.

While AI is a great tool – I do use it sometimes if the opening or closing paragraphs are coming together as I would like – AI is often inaccurate, it can’t write in your tone and will require a lot of editing.  By all means use it to create outlines for articles, but don’t rely on it to be the sole source of creating content for your website.

Make your content original and you’ll be rewarded with better rankings.


How to Beat the Google Algorithm Changes

It seems that every day or two the Google Algorithm changes what it is looking for.  There have been huge changes over the past 18 months with more still to come.

People who have high rankings are suddenly finding traffic has dropped off a cliff.

They are frantically, rewriting blogs to meet the new requirements and try and get traffic back to their websites.

This is frustrating as drop in traffic usually means lower sales.  Very few online entrepreneurs want this loss of income.

If you follow EEAT and create good quality informative content that is unique to you with your own personal experience and stories you are miles ahead of other bloggers who are more sales orientated.

Bloggers who for years have produced good informative blogs are finding their rankings going higher and higher.

So, if you want to beat the Google algorithm, keep producing good quality content and follow the EEAT formula.


Karen Newton

Karen borrowed £300 on a credit card and turned it into £10 million in 4 Years.  Today, Karen teaches clients her process for creating wealth through building online businesses and investing the profits into digital assets including shares and cryptocurrency; property and commodities.

Karen is a 3 times #1 International Best-Selling Author and an International Speaker

Karen has several websites at



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