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Are You Playing The Victim?

Are You Playing The Victim?

A number of Years  ago I came across a few challenges in my life, the death  of a very close relative in fact two relatives within a month of each other. Being betrayed by someone close to me and deciding to give up a family home.  All this stuff happened within a few months of each other I was definetely, feeling like I was at one of the lowest points in my life at the time.   I remember and actually  I am not an insomniac or never have been, but I remember staying up two days in a row walking around the 26 foot long pond that I created in my back garden  practically all night in circles. My brain was racing I was trying to figure out how or why these things,were happening to me but it didn’t help.

The thing about being in shock after a death and all the other things was the last thing I could think of mentally was marketing or selling stuff online, my mindset was completely messed up in fact I was feeling sorry for myself. I thought about what it would be like to not be here anymore, but then I couldn’t imagine my young sons being left without a father. So even if I was feeling at the end of a cliff I wasn’t going to jump off it no matter what.  I decided I needed to get myself together I went onto Facebook and messaged a friend who was an Internet Marketer and told him what was happening.  I knew at the time he made a lot of money online and I knew he had lots of products and services. So I asked him what seemed at the time to be a simple question.  I asked him do you have any products that sell really well that I could join as an affiliate to sell.   As I figured after a lean 4 months of income grieving for my dad.I thought this would help turn things around for me.

I got my answer

You are being a victim! Things are going to keep on getting worse because you are being a victim. 

Making a few dollars right now is not what you need.

You need to change your mindset and STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!!

Make a list of 100 Businesses to make money online 

Narrow the hundred businesses down to three good ones

Take the best one and get started on it right away. 

Write Down 100 Things Your Are Grateful For 

Write down 100 Reasons Why You Have TO Make More Money.

Write Down 100 Things You Love About Yourself.


And your life will change.

I took his advice and slowly but surely things started to get better as  soon as I decided to let go of being a victim.  There was no other way to go but forward.

In the last couple of weeks  I have had at least three people come to me with exactly that same victim mentality though I don’t think the problems they are having right then where anything like the ones I had at the time.


But the truth is that

Everyone is looking for the magic fix. 

We are all used to getting fast food

Curry In  A Hurry

Mcdonalds (Mcpoison I call It)

KFC (Used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken but they aren’t allowed to call it that any more because the animals are genetically modified).

Next Day Delivery


When it comes to health,wellness,happiness,fitness and money everyone wants it instantly.

Most instant methods do not last long or cause very bad even deadly side effects.


I offered someone a business opportunity that works, but instead of paying $80 a month to start a business that can make them Hundreds of thousands of dollars they want to do something that is Free. And they also want me to spend hours of my time coaching them how to do it. For Free.

I have had other people in the past who I coached the same Free methods of generating some money to pay for their online business. Instead of buying the products they needed for the online business they never bothered.

Other people quit the business or stopped paying long before contacting me and then think the solution is a loan from me to buy paid advertising.

I was told by another person, I have gone to so many seminars about success and making money and it doesn’t work for me.

When I questioned what they had done today or this week to make money online they replied nothing.


Would you not agree that complaining about not making any money and doing nothing about it is being a victim?

I certainly would.

In the past I spent my time teaching someone how to make money using a free method.  Even though I did it completely free.  They started messaging me with the most dumb questions like I was some kind of free babysitter.

The joke was when they did made money they didn’t actually buy the business they were, supposed to be trying to afford.


I am really sorry to say this, but a large majority of people who do stuff like this are broke because they are victims!!

Here are some of the big things that keep people  being a victim.


1. An entitlement mentality – Thinking that they are entitled to something, the world owes them a living benefits and whatever else they can scrounge for Free

2. Wanting everything for Free – When you end up with a group of followers who also likes everything for free?  Do you think you might still be broke?  So the solution is if you don’t then stop looking for free stuff..

3. Learning Without ActionThis is huge there are lots of seminar junkies who never action anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to seminars and learning, but I remember one time I went to two seminars in a row. And I felt so guilty because I had no computer with me and didn’t get the time to take action for 10 days while I was away.

4. Trying to be cheap– Buying the lowest cost products, trainings, coaching and thinking you are saving money?  It is costing you my friend and attracting broke mindset people to your team.

5. Not figuring out what you need to do to make money – There are so many busy people, they will tell you I have been busy working on my business all week. The fact is in online marketing there are money making activities, and time wasting activities most broke people get them mixed up.


Making money equals finding a good business opportunity, system or product that sells.

Finding a target market, delivering value to that market and then up selling them your business opportunity ,product or system.

I see so many people spending weeks messing around on a website in case a word or letter or picture is in the wrong place.

When they should be out posting their content in as many places as possible instead.


Let me say something to you if you really want to be successful and get me to really be able to help you.

Listen to the business  I tell you to join it has made money and can make you money but only if you are willing to listen.


Once you go through are training videos and understand the concepts, then you need to be willing to invest in the things you need to make money in your business. Or at least at the very minimum give yourself a target time to aquire them.


Unfortunately if choose not to do this then you are probably going to spend the next 5 or 10 years chasing the Guru’s looking for the secret.

Until you finally figure out what I just told you.  I have seen a few people do this so you can do it faster or do it slow the choice is entirely up to you.


There is unlimited amounts of money out there if you have a system service or products to get you it.  But we all only have so much time so decide which is more valuable to you as you will have to live with it.



If after reading this post you realise you are not a victim

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Are You Playing The Victim?

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