Best Internet Marketing Book: Where to Go When You Feel Lost And Overwhelmed

When it comes to Internet Marketing, are you a newbie, a semi-expert or expert?

It’s easy to know where you belong, because the difference between them can be seen in the money that’s been earned so far: If all you have to show for in your Internet Marketing efforts are three sales in three months, then consider yourself a beginner who needs to learn the ropes from someone who’s already there.

Fast Track Cash: Best Internet Marketing Book Written by Ewen Chia, Fast Track Cash is one online marketing book that serious marketers should read. Why? Because of Ewen’s credibility. It’s not no secret that many affiliate marketers consider Ewen their “secret weapon” for earning a full-time income from the Internet.

He’s earned millions from his Internet business. He’s written a self-help book to boot entitled, “How I Made My First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too”. In this Internet Marketing for newbies book, Ewen lays out a simple plan of action that anyone can follow.

What This Book is Based On and What It Teaches

The book basically teaches its readers how to “repurpose” five articles so that they generate continuous sales. These five articles should present a solution to lingering, “hair on fire” problems of your niche. You can, for example, write a five-part series of articles outlining tips on toilet training for pets if you’re selling a book on toilet training for pets.

From these five articles, Ewen gives step-by-step specific instructions on what to do with these articles for:

-article marketing, -video marketing, -autoblogs, -link wheels, -forum marketing, -classified ads marketing, and -social marketing (Facebook, etc.)

Who This Book is Good For

This book is really for people who already know something about Internet marketing, but are stuck because of information overload. This book is also very good for people who have been working very hard but have yet to see consistent results, i.e., consistent monthly paychecks.

The Article Marketer’s Ultimate Guide

I have been doing article marketing for three years now, and I must say that up until I read book, It never came to me what I could do with the articles that I’ve already written and submitted to article directories.

If you’re an article marketer, I seriously recommend that you invest some dollars in this guidebook. Why? There may be a lot of free “how to make money” information online, but after some time, you’ll feel there’s something more?”

Trust me, I’ve been there.

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