Why Is My Blog Or Website Not Making Me Any Money

Why Is My Blog Or Website Not Making Me Any Money?

This is one of the top questions that many blog or website owners ask, let’s face it if you spent lots of time setting up a blog or website you will want to get paid something back in return unless it is just a hobby.


One of the biggest problems that I see holding people back from making money online is

1. The right knowledge

2. The wrong mindset.

There are so many people out there creating courses about making money online or blogging courses etc.


This is great except for one small problem a large amount of these courses are made by people who are just beginners or often even by people who haven’t made decent money online before.

One day you are browsing through Facebook you bump into John, After copying some other guru John has positioned himself as an expert on making money blogging because he did what his mentor said who had made a couple of sales blogging.

Of course, you want to be a successful blogger too so you do what John tells you to do, unfortunately, like John who has made very little or no money you do what he tells you to do and end up in the same position as John, spending hours a day creating content and having little or no money to show for it.

Let me tell you a true story there was once a guy called (Terry) Not his real name Terry found a web designer not a digital marketer or blogger just a guy who could spend a couple of months and come up with a pretty looking website he decided to charge about £2500 or £3000 for his website creation services. There was a grant the government gave out for £2500 for creating online business so a few people took him up on this as they didn’t want to or have to pay too much of the money out of their own pocket (That was once again their Mindset)

He created a website for this really hard-working beautiful Eastern European fitness trainer who was starting to go viral on Instagram, due to her hard work creativity, and ideas she made a lot of money and drove a lot of traffic to her website which his web designer had made using social media.

Anytime anyone asked about a website Terry could put forward this girl he made a website for that was making 10s of thousands of dollars per month etc.  And show them her website with impressive video training etc which she had made herself.

Unfortunately, I discovered when I had to work with Terry after he fucked up a website I was working on that he didn’t even know how to do a basic WordPress install on his hosting.  And had absolutely no clue what he was doing, anytime he wanted anything done he had to call his web designer to do it for him.   One night he called me nearly in tears panicking about the website as one of the business website managers where on his case as the website was down because of him and he had no idea how to fix it.

Although he swore to the website owners that the domain and website were going to be put in their name when he transferred it over to his cheap hosting.

When he opened the client’s websites in front of me all the domains of his clients he had put in his own personal name that meant not only had he lied to the clients, but they didn’t own their domain or websites or hosting accounts.

After I fixed the problem I got praise and rejoice over Facebook messenger calling me all the geniuses of the day LOL.

The bottom line is no matter how much they charge there are so many people out there claiming to be experts online, but If they cannot create a blog or website and do not make money from one, chances are by following in their footsteps you won’t make much money either.

Personally, all of my mentors have made at least a million or millions of dollars online using their blog or websites which they created, using tools and payment systems which work, after 15 years of making money on the internet I am more than qualified to help you make money online if you follow the steps and buy the software and tools you need.

Getting back to the mindset again many people like to spend as little money as possible and not buy the tools and services they need to create an online business, they think everything should be free because it is available on the internet. Then, on the other hand, there are people who have the opposite problem they think that paying £3000 without learning much or doing a lot of work will make them successful online.  Both these avenues will lead them down the path to being broke and disappointed.

If your website or blog is not making you any money online these are a few questions you should ask yourself.


  1. Who’s idea was it to do my blog or website like this? Did they make money from doing things this way before?
  2. After looking at your sales pitch or products or services ask yourself the so what question? If you aren’t impressed chances are your readers or potential customers won’t be other
  3. The content blog or website – Is your blog all writing with no call to action no buy button, no opt-in forms, no free gifts to build an email list, if your customers cannot pay you then you will remain broke.
  4. Do you use an autoresponder to funnel your subscribers back to your blog website or sales page or for free stuff to build value?  If not you are losing money.
  5. Does your site product or service look or sound credible, do you seem genuine or is the hype on your website ridiculous?
  6. When you post content do you share it everywhere, the best content in the world will not make you money if no one sees it, spend 40% of your time creating content 60% of your time-sharing or marketing your content.

7. Who are you listening to for marketing advice and if so are they qualified? Have they made money online genuinely or only made money by doing sales pitches offline or at networking events.

Selling online or selling offline or by public speaking in front of a room are different forms of marketing just make sure that your sales pitch suits your market.


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Why Is My Blog Or Website Not Making Me Any Money

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