No Funnels = No Money In Your Online Business

No Funnels = No Money In Your Online Business

This was just something that had to be said, I often tell people if they are serious about setting up an online business that they need to create a website on their own paid hosting and not post their content on someone else’s land and although this is a fantastic bit of advice when followed properly. You need other stuff if you are serious about running your online business as well.

One of the big things that you need to build a serious business apart from an autoresponder and blog or website is funnels, these could be either capture page funnels where you get people’s names and email to follow up with them via email immediately or later on.  Or a sales page funnel where you can sell your products or services using either written sales copy, writing, and a video or you could just use a video and a buy button below, another thing you can use for your sales pages is an audio recording with a buy button below.

When it comes to sales funnels there are a few on the market these can vary in price from about $25 up to $297 per month, A funnel builder makes it easy to create capture pages or sales pages, they come with lots of ready-made templates where you just need to just fill in the words, or you can create your own funnel from scratch.

When starting off a new online business forking out $97 to $297 dollars per month can leave your business short of cash flow that you need to pay for other more important things like quality hosting or autoresponder, a good optin software, or a good shopping cart ETC.

In fact, this is probably one of the biggest mistakes I see new people making on the internet paying too much for unnecessary tools for their business, whilst not actually buying the tools that they really need. Luckily after 15 years of running an online business, I have found the tools that work best, that are reliable and that will actually increase your money and business earnings if used correctly.

One of the biggest problems I had when I started making funnels with different funnel builders was figuring out how to get them connected up to my autoresponder list etc. The most expensive one I found really painful to connect to my email list and had lots of errors along the way.

The days of complicated funnels and systems are over for me ever since one of my mentors created a Funnel Builder for only $25 per month it is user-friendly simple to use comes with a funnel builder academy training site included at no extra cost. Anybody can do or set this up with no prior knowledge or expertise required just follow the step-by-step videos if you don’t figure it out real quick.

You can also be an affiliate their affiliate program pays out an amazing 80% residual commissions which are unheard of in this industry, and a portion of the $25 also goes to feed hungry kids.

In case you don’t believe how great this system or community or this funnel builder is I will take a screenshot from an email I received a couple of days ago from a new member of our funnel builder community

I love seeing messages like this and would like to invite you to take a look at our Funnel builder here:

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When you join for $25  today you are not just buying a tool, you are also buying into our amazing community that is here to stay and will always be here to help you win big!


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