No More Blogging Excuses

No More Blogging Excuses

Out of thousands of business owners I have on my Facebook friends list only about 15 people showed an interest or any commitment to do a 30 Day Blogging Challenge

to help them build up their business online.

I would say lots of them are probably telling themselves they are too busy, it takes too much effort, I don’t have the time, etc.

Others will say I don’t know what to blog about, I am shy to do videos, I am afraid someone will not be impressed by what I write about, these are all things that would stop people focusing on building a better business presence online.

No More Blogging Excuses

A few other morons believe blogging is dead after watching a few ads that a funnel builder guru created to try and get people moved over onto his $97 or $297 a month funnel builder instead of WordPress.

What was really funny about that was the 10 people he used in the success testimonials all had their own WordPress blog and blogged either daily or frequently.  In fact, one of them that I know well has posted a video on his blog every day for the last 10 years.

Out of the ten gurus that were having success with the funnel builder because WordPress is supposedly dead, the only one didn’t have a regularly updated WordPress blog and that was the funnel builder owner himself (Surprise Surprise) why would he need a WordPress blog when he has all his Guru affiliates blogging about the funnel builder on WordPress to promote it and millions of paid ads saying WordPress is dead LOL.

If you blog regularly and you share it in enough places it will build your brand and following and when done properly will also help you to build up a list of email subscribers and buyers as well.

If you really break it down blogging is really not that hard and no matter what your fears are there will always be a method of blogging to get over that.

If you don’t like creating content then interview some experts in your niche ask them questions they will provide the answers.

If you don’t like your Face on camera do a written blog post or an audio blog instead.

If you have an iMac or a Macbook computer you can read out your blog post and it will type it for you.

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone or Android phone you can also speak your WordPress blog post as well.

If you cannot think of a title for your post go to ezine or and see what questions people are asking or what titles they are using then switch them up a bit.

If you are short of time to create a 600 to 1200 word written article make a 30-second video upload it to youtube and post it on your blog, or create a 1 – 5-minute audio and upload it on your blog or website.

The hardest part about blogging is making the decision to do it once you get past that hurdle you are nearly there.

Are you a business owner?

Do you need more people to follow your content?

Do you need more people to learn more about your business?

Then you need to start the 30-day blogging challenge today.

There is no cut off date with the 30-day blogging challenge just get started the day you see this post and see what happens, you won’t regret it.


You can join the 30 Day Blogging Challenge Here


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This is Day 6 Of Our 30 Day Blogging Challenge 


No More Blogging Excuses

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