The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

When it comes to learning about online marketing,blogging,video marketing, social media etc The best way that you can learn it is to teach it to your readers, subscribers and members.  The fact is that the internet and online marketing world changes very quickly and there is so much valuable information, you cannot store it permanently in your head.

So my advice to you would be that anytime you learn some valuable new tips in your business is to create a blog post, create a video, an E-book or even a book detailing what you have learned.  If you do not do this some of the ideas and memories will fade and be lost in the depths of your mind.

Now that we have blogs etc you can write down every little detail and have it sitting it out there like an open book. If it is something a little secretive you can always write it down and password protect it.  That way at any time you can go back and refresh your memory or provide useful information to others and teach them in the process.

I had a incident recently with one of my gmail accounts recently they where deleted so I decided to go through all of my old Google hangouts and download them onto my computer in case any more accounts got deleted. Some of the hangouts where from last year but when I sat down and listened to them there where some really great tips and ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you like or don’t like writing/typing, creating videos or recording your own voice this is something you really should be doing. Remember the things that you do now can and possibly will be seen by future generations in full colour.

Yes you can make a video and talk to your kids your future grandkids what would you like to hear from your great great grandfather if you had access to his videos today? Your blog or video channel can be your own TV show for future generations.

Yes you can give people tips about their health, their wealth, their lives, relationships or any other subjects you wish to touch on.  Even if there is a fire you can have backups online offline all over the place done easily at the touch of a button.  The other great thing about this while you are teaching you also have your own advertising medium.

Yes you can also have products and services being promoted on your website,blog or videos and in the process make some money as well. It seems like complete madness not to you can get your own viral blogging system and get started by just clicking the link or button below this post.


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The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

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