Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

I went to login to my website today and got a big red page from Google Chrome telling me I could get hacked..  🙁

With all their billions of technology could these numbskulls not figure out that having one banner to a clickbank product I used myself, not be a danger to the whole Internet Marketing Community.

There might have been a time I might have saw one of these and steered clear from the website but now when I see them I just wonder what BS they are up to now. I am surprised no companies or Internet Marketers have sued them for this, as it is basically giving people the impression they are entering some kind of criminals paradise.   WTF…


I mean what on earth kind of message is this to send anyone visiting a website that is perfectly fine..  Is Google Chrome the new FBI of the Internet??

For goodness sake if you are going to diagnose sites at least send someone with a clue to the sites first before you block them.  This is an absolute disgrace..

If you think you have the right to police the Internet which you don’t,then at least have the sense to do it properly. I have seen so many legitimate online business targeted with these messages before.  Look my friends April Fools day is over if you can’t get it right then don’t do it at all.

Start focusing on getting some revenue back on Google Adwords from all the businesses and Internet Marketers you kicked off. Google didn’t become famous or a top search engine by shafting everyone of their customers or users/website owners. That came later after the fame and fortune.

If you really want to stay at the top get your facts right and stop pissing around with peoples websites and freedom.And making out that perfectly legitimate sites are dangerous.  Because right now as with pointing the finger like you are doing now.  Just remember that one finger is pointed at some innocent blogger/business owner and 4 fingers are pointing back at YOU.   Hope Yoogle have got the message..  🙂


As if we didn’t already know they where cyber criminals I logged into my email the next morning after this post and got this 

Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime

So remember you can lick their bu** or tell the truth and become a target..

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.39.49


Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

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